Story of Two Rich Nayanars

story of two rich nayanars

Meiporul Nayanar

Ruling over the hilly regions of Sethi, Meiporul Nayanar was invincible in battle.

Alongside, he was adept in the Agamas or (shaivite scriptures).

He greatly understood the troubles of his subjects and quickly resolved their problems.

Along with his bravery he was a blessed shiva devotee.

He saw the kingdom as a responsibility given to him by the lord and would selflessly serve his people.

Due to his special attraction for Shaivites, he kept his country vibrant with spiritual chants.

Muthanathan, the king of the neighboring province envied the nayanar’ growing fame.

As we rightly say it- Those who can’t earn the name resort to foul means.

The deceit of king Muthanathan

First he attacked the Nayanar’s kingdom several times.

But everytime defeat was his destiny.

So Muthanathan sought the path of unrighteousness and decided to trick the king by his treachery.

Siva yogis had unhindered access to the king’s chambers.

Such was the liberty given to shiva bhaktas.

Muthanathan enters the chambers

So the unrighteous king disguised himself as an ascetic and entered the palace.

No soldier stopped him, since it was the king’s orders.

Dathan, the faithful servant of the Nayanar, always stood by the King’s side to protect him from fatal threats.

He however tried to stop the yogi from disturbing the king’s sleep. But to no avail. The yogi made a claim-

“I have a very confidential mystery to reveal to the king in regards to the Shaiva philosophy.”

Knowing the king’s earnestness in such matters, Dathan let the ascetic enter.

On seeing the yogi arrive, the queen immediately arose and informed her husband of his arrival.

The yogi however made an open declaration “This is a very confidential science. I shall disclose it only in privacy.”

The king respecting the decorum of a yogi ordered his queen to leave.

Thus, Nayanar and Muthanathan were all alone in the room.

Plight of Meiporul Nayanar

After a long period of silence when Dathan entered the room, he saw the king lying in his blood.

Muthanathan stood with a knife in his hands.

As Dathan proceeded to kill the culprit, the king held his hand and commanded-

“Stop, See that you safely escort him out of our kingdom. No harm should befall him”.

Dathan immediately carried out the order.

However, the enraged citizens were eager to take revenge.

But on learning of their king’s orders they held back and admired their king’s generosity.

On finishing the orders, Dathan rushed home to inform the king.

Image Source- Himalayan Academy

Meiporul Nayanar’s final teachings

The dying king was surrounded by his relatives where he gave the most priceless teaching-

“We should respect Shiva bhaktas at all cost.

Let my kingdom flourish with their presence and let each citizen benefit from their aura.

Let their actions be an ideal for our people.”

So saying the dying king breathed his last.

More than himself, the lord likes it when we adore his bhaktas.

Immensely pleased by the Nayanar’s devotion, the lord said-

“You have kept the honor of my devotees. 

Hence, I grant you the highest abode, unattainable even for the greatest of devas.

You shall soon grace my abode Kailasha.”

So saying the lord disappeared.

Thus Meiporul Nayanar attained the highest state.

Story of Amaraneedi Nayanar

Amaraneedi Nayanar’s charity

The Nayanar was known for his charity and dispassion.

Amaraneedi Nayanar traded gold, jewels and garments.

Being rich, he remained a Shiva bhakta by heart.

He would use all his earnings in the service of devotees.

Also, he had constructed a mutt for the destitute.

Once he visited Kalyanasundaresar temple of Nallur, and liked that place.

So he decided to permanently residence there.

The lord was highly pleased by Amaraneedi’s pious deeds.

He wanted to create a pastime for others to see.

Lord Shiva in disguise

Lord Shiva approached Amaraneedi in the disguise of a Brahmachari.

He wore a single Kowpeenam (loin cloth) and looked extremely appealing having matted locks, wearing marks of Tripunda (or the shaivite symbol) and rudraksha beads.

Also, he carried two Kowpeenams on his staff.

Amaraneedi graciously received his guest and asked about his desire.

The kowpeenam story

The Brahmachari said “I must go for a bath.

So I am keeping a Kowpeenam in your care.

In case mine gets wet, I shall have a dry one for use.”

So saying, the Brahmachari left.

Accidently, it rained and the Brahmachari’s Kowpeenam got drenched in rain.

So he approached Amaraneedi and asked him for the dry one.

However, Lord Shiva had mysteriously hidden the Kowpinam.

Amaraneedi searched everywhere, but all in vain.

Distraught at the missing Kowpeenam, he requested to present a replacement of a higher quality.

But the brahmachari shirked all appeals.

Finally, he agreed to accept one if it matched the weight of the drenched Kowpeenam.

Amaraneedi thanked the brahmachari for his concession.

Eventually, a weighing beam was set.

On one plate, Amaraneedi placed the wet Kaupinam while on the other a new one.

However, the Brahmachari’s Kowpeenam was found to be heavy.

Amaraneedi kept piling goods after goods, but none could match its weight.

Likewise, he placed all his riches.

Finally Amaraneedi asked the Brahmachari whether he along with his wife and child could sit on the weighing plate.

The Brahmachari gladly agreed.

Greatness of Amaraneedi Nayanar

Amaraneedi made an earnest appeal to the lord-

“If my devotion to You is sincere, devoid of deceit, then may this pan match the weight of the Kowpeenam”

So saying, Amaraneedi sat on the pan chanting the sacred Panchakshara mantra.

Astonishingly the weighing plates came to a balance.

All were astounded to see this feat.

The Devas showered flowers on the great devotee.

Image Source- Himalayan Academy

Everything disappeared.

Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati came and blessed the devout family.

Since they sat on the weighing scale, they became the lord’s direct possessions.

Hence, the weighing beam immediately transformed into a celestial chariot and took them to Kailash, the eternal abode of Lord Shiva.

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