How to Practice Bhakti Yoga? | How to Develop Devotion Towards God?

The role of devotion as a valid means for spiritual realization is often undermined in current times. Devotional Service remains the single-most effective means for God-realization in current times. It becomes essential to understand the science and means to cultivate such devotion in the heart and attract the undivided Grace of the Supreme Being

3 Types of Karma Yoga as explained in the Bhagavat Gita | How are Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga related?

If a person wills to progress spiritually, avoiding the Gita is not an option. The first thread of spirituality lies hidden in the methodology of work and action. If there were no activities or actions, life were not possible. The Gita reveals the secrets of the spiritual dimension through work. It is a handbook treatise on how one can be released from the compulsions of activity. The Gita is in fact the very initial steps towards spirituality.