Prakriti, Jiva, Purusha

Is Maya real or unreal?| Creation of the universe | Shandilya Bhakti Sutra-14

Maya and Bhagawan, are eternal, existing irrespective of the creation, maintenance or annihilation of the universe. Maya is not unreal because she is the potency of Bhagawan. The Lord is her master and she is the embodiment of His energy. Energy is always subservient to the energetic, just like a powerful person may not display his power although he does possess it.

Three Principle Entities Of Spiritual Life

What is Maya, Jeev And Bhagawan? | Brahm Jeev Maya | What is Jiva Ishwar Maya?

The principles of Bhagawan, Jeev and Maya are the only three principles that are behind the creation, maintenance and dissolution of the universe. Other than these three principles there is no fourth principle. If one toils enough to absorb the philosophy of these three principles, spirituality becomes easy. Understanding these three principles, one would have understood the building blocks of all spiritual life.