How can Sadhana help Change Personality Defects? Introduction to Sadhana

Many people feel that Spiritual discipline or Sadhana is not meant for people who have a lot more to see in life. Most people associate Sadhana with religion or faith. But there are valid and more important arguments that need to be considered for every individual, so as to follow a spiritual discipline pattern at the earliest. Interestingly, spirituality, common sense and pure intelligence are different names for the same facet.

How to Develop Bhakti? | Bhakti: Path of Devotion

Many times the Sanskrit term Seva is used interchangeably with the term Service. It is convenient to use the word Service in the English language, but this English word lacks that depth, that the word Seva connotes. It can be interesting to see and grapple the depth and the high standards of the word Seva. We should have deep reverence for the word Seva. Seva cannot happen without Bhakti. So it is important to unravel the mystery around Bhakti first and then understand the word Seva that is hand-in-glove with the word Bhakti.

Teachings Of Madhvacharya | What is the Bhakti System?

Understanding the position of the great Acharyas of Sanatana Dharma is a preliminary condition for one to be accepted by the Power of the Dharma. Unless one learns and understands the high philosophy of these great world- teachers one cannot probably be qualified to enter the spiritual realm that Sanatana Dharma represents.

Equanimity Bhagavad Gita | What is the Purpose of Bhagavad Gita?

Unless one refers the teachings of the Gita, the path to our spiritual origins shall remain obscure. many times people are enamoured by spiritual experiences of ther people and regard them as someone great because of their so-called experiences of the other-world. However the Gita clearly defines the characteristics of a truly enlightened being. The Gita becomes the ultimate book of reference for the sincere seeker. Studying the Gita under able guidance can help one getting embroiled in the clasp of charlatans. Gita ithus becomes an indispensable book of reference for the true seeker.

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