Jnana, Bhakti and Qualifications for Jnana

It is important to understand the various limbs of Yoga. Unless one understands these limbs of spiritual practice, one shall not be sure or ascertained about the proper spiritual discipline that one should take up. Understanding the nature of mind and its relation to the spirit as well as the world is important. Understanding Jnana and Bhakti in that context becomes vital.

Mystique Of Kundalini Yoga

The Mystique of Kundalini Yoga, is the scientific understanding of Shiva and Shakti. Shiva represents the spirit while shakti is the energy of Shiva. When the energy represented by Shakti merges with Her source, Shiva, liberation takes place as a consequence of this union. Our entire life system is defined by the energy patterns governed by the flow of Shakti towards Shiva. It is similar to the river which beings its journey from the mountains as a drop, merging finally into the roaring ocean.

Conceptions-Form And Formless

Understanding the Concept of God, is vital to our spiritual journey. Unless the concept of God is ascertained, our spiritual journey cannot begin. The Gita is the best manual, with regards to understanding the nature of God, the Supreme Rality. When one undertakes the study of Gita in a mode of surrenders, it throws light on the concept of God, in an approachable and a scientific manner. God is the most scientific component that is behind the workings of creation and is the final resting place, once the journey of man consummates.

Vision Of The Yog-Vasishtha

The Yog-Vasishtha is the gem in the field of Jnana Yoga. For a meditational practitioner who tries to comprehend the nature of the world, the Yog-Vasishtha is indespensible. understanding this great scripture shall unravel the many mysteries of the world and also serve as a correcting agent of our otherwise convoluted mind. If someone is to completely demystify the illusions of Maya, then it is not possible that such a person has not studied and assimilated the concepts of this great work.

Brahman-Within And Without

Understanding the Gita through the books is not the same as having an experiential understanding of Gita. it is important to have intrinsic understanding of the Gita. Brahman is that factor which is life in the Within and in the Without. The Gita gives one a perspective and insight into Brahman.

Jnana Karma in the Gita-Part-2

Understanding the Gita, is a primary step towards a life of spirituality. The Gita is perhaps the only document that clearly dilineates the philosophy behind thought, what drives our actions and what one musts do, if one is to relieve himself from the clutches of a bound life. The Gita is an invitation to freedom.

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