Who is Ishta Devata? | Bhakti, a stage beyond Moksha

Bhakti as a superior process of God-attainment is undermined by the largely intellectual populations as a valid spiritual process. This is unfortunate. In fact with the maturity of the spiritual culture in the Spiritual capital of the world, Bharath, India, the Bhakti process has established itself as the supreme process, the supreme freeway towards God with form.

Teachings of Yoga Vasistha | What is the Essence of Yoga Vasistha?

The Yog-Vasishtha is the gem in the field of Jnana Yoga. For a meditational practitioner who tries to comprehend the nature of the world, the Yog-Vasishtha is indespensible. understanding this great scripture shall unravel the many mysteries of the world and also serve as a correcting agent of our otherwise convoluted mind. If someone is to completely demystify the illusions of Maya, then it is not possible that such a person has not studied and assimilated the concepts of this great work.

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