The Fallacy Of Community Service

Serving the community, serving other people is direct service to the Self. Never mistake service as supporting others or helping others. The whole world is the Self. When one serves oneself, it is the smaller self, when one helps others without expectation, that is true spirituality.

Jnana, Bhakti and Qualifications for Jnana

It is important to understand the various limbs of Yoga. Unless one understands these limbs of spiritual practice, one shall not be sure or ascertained about the proper spiritual discipline that one should take up. Understanding the nature of mind and its relation to the spirit as well as the world is important. Understanding Jnana and Bhakti in that context becomes vital.

Vision Of The Yog-Vasishtha

The Yog-Vasishtha is the gem in the field of Jnana Yoga. For a meditational practitioner who tries to comprehend the nature of the world, the Yog-Vasishtha is indespensible. understanding this great scripture shall unravel the many mysteries of the world and also serve as a correcting agent of our otherwise convoluted mind. If someone is to completely demystify the illusions of Maya, then it is not possible that such a person has not studied and assimilated the concepts of this great work.

Best Spiritual Advice for Youth

Youth has to be guided. They have to be nurtured and tuned. When consciousness is awakened in youth, it triggers a world welfare movement. It is to be realized that it is spirituality which is the link that connects youth to welfare.

Maya and the Spiritual World

Maya, if understood can open up new avenues. The spiritual world is not an imaginary conception but a reality, if we are take sadhana seriously. Understanding spirituality through Bhakti Yoga, can open the spiritual world for us.

Naked, Consciousness

Consciousness, is the nature of existence. We are hounded by the world of duality, which has become the source of all problems. If one were to get into self-awareness, to look for it, at the source, the problem of our existence and that of the world shall stand unraveled

Oneness, Mind-less

Oneness, is seldom understood. The idea appears esoteric while in reality, it is an everyday experience. It is a matter or clear comprehension.

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