Contents of the RigVeda-Part-7

The principles of the RigVeda are not a myth, but the very epitiome of Reality. It is an expression of our True Nature, which all of us have forgotten through a serial degradation of the ages. It is time to revive that spiritual rigor and induce within ourselves that lost fragrance of Dharma, through a thorough understanding of the Spirit of RigVeda

The Story of Shankar Deva-Part-3

The story of Shankar Dev will serve as an inspiration who intend to develop into pure devotees, pure Bhaktas. It is interesting to understand the conditions in which Sri Shankar Dev presented his life for our study, so that we can take a leaf or too from his life and make ours, a worthwhile life.

Gita Glories-The Song Supreme

The Gita is a scripture that every follower of Sanatana Dharma swears by. It is the summum bonum of creation and divine edict. It is the originator of all philosophies of the world. Life itself is a mere reflection of this great scripture. To seek the Gita, is to become capable of solving the mystery of life.

Contents Of The RigVeda- Part-1

The RigVeda is one of the most mysterious book on the dimensions of human consciousness. It presents Devatas or Gods as elements within the human consciousness. The Book presents the mystery path and ways to resolve the dilemma within the human possibilities. It will be interesting to explore this authentic work on Human consciousness, The RigVeda

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