Human Body-A Rare Opportunity

The Human Body is the greatest possibility. In fact it is for that opportunity alone that a living entity receives the human body. Unfortunately almost all humans waste this golden opportunity. It will be interesting to understand what this rare opportunity is and understand the basis of that rare chance.

Equanimity In The Gita

Unless one refers the teachings of the Gita, the path to our spiritual origins shall remain obscure. many times people are enamoured by spiritual experiences of ther people and regard them as someone great because of their so-called experiences of the other-world. However the Gita clearly defines the characteristics of a truly enlightened being. The Gita becomes the ultimate book of reference for the sincere seeker. Studying the Gita under able guidance can help one getting embroiled in the clasp of charlatans. Gita ithus becomes an indispensable book of reference for the true seeker.

Family Synergy

We often take our rights for granted. Unfortunately, our family is one such entity that bears the brunt of our unprecedented rights on it. If we are to lead a peaceful life, one needs to understand what are our duties towards our family.


The “I” construct, is what gives you the limited conception of life. That is what gives you the limited world. Self-remembrance is the access key to the beyond.

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