Abodes Of Space Travel-Sanatana Dharma

Sanatana Dharma is the most advanced science, which is far beyond the reach of the material sciences which we know off. There are many dimensions of consciousness which lie far beyond the five senses which function only in the earthly platform. When our perception is enhanced through specific processes,of Sanatana Dharma we can develop the ability to travel to those dimensions.

The Main Component In Spiritual Practice

Unless the science behind a subject is understood, the subject remains a mystery. The subject shall always be a challenge. Unless the mind is applied, a scientific study cannot be carried out. For consciousness to participate and to get directed one requires the mind to get totally involved. It is the mind that grasps a subject. Spirituality is no different. Without the mind being applied, spirituality can never begin

Purity In Surrender- Story Of King Bharath

It is important to understand the language and the words of the Lord as expressed in our Vedic Shastras. Many people feel that the Vedic Shastras are a dogma or a cult that promotes religion with a narrow mindset. The reality is far from it. The words in the Scriptures reflect the genuine concern of the Lord for people who care to be genuine and are ready to follow a life of Truth for the sake of liberation. The Lord does not pass a decree for everyone but is careful in delineating a path for the truly interested beings. When one takes up every word of the Lord, the possibilities of liberation open up, just as the night opens up with the first rays of the sun.

Exclusivity In Surrender- The Light Of The Gita

We read the Gita a million times.. We swear by the Gita and often proclaim it to be our favourite scripture. We appreciated the Lord and sympathize with Arjuna. However we ourselves, fall short in imbibing the pivotal teachings of the Gita. Central to the theme of Gita is the concept of Exclusive surrender to the Lord. If our study of the Gita has not got us to the conclusion of exclusivity in surrender, reading the Gita is a sheer waste of time.

Conceptions-Form And Formless

Understanding the Concept of God, is vital to our spiritual journey. Unless the concept of God is ascertained, our spiritual journey cannot begin. The Gita is the best manual, with regards to understanding the nature of God, the Supreme Rality. When one undertakes the study of Gita in a mode of surrenders, it throws light on the concept of God, in an approachable and a scientific manner. God is the most scientific component that is behind the workings of creation and is the final resting place, once the journey of man consummates.

Brahman-Within And Without

Understanding the Gita through the books is not the same as having an experiential understanding of Gita. it is important to have intrinsic understanding of the Gita. Brahman is that factor which is life in the Within and in the Without. The Gita gives one a perspective and insight into Brahman.

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