Equanimity In The Gita

Unless one refers the teachings of the Gita, the path to our spiritual origins shall remain obscure. many times people are enamoured by spiritual experiences of ther people and regard them as someone great because of their so-called experiences of the other-world. However the Gita clearly defines the characteristics of a truly enlightened being. The Gita becomes the ultimate book of reference for the sincere seeker. Studying the Gita under able guidance can help one getting embroiled in the clasp of charlatans. Gita ithus becomes an indispensable book of reference for the true seeker.

Dynamics Of Meditation

The Dynanims of meditation deals with the inner aspect of consciousness. How does consciousness and external life alter, as one takes up meditation as a transformational practice. Dynamics of Meditation deals with how the layers of consciousness get altered and how the individual undergoes transformational experiences, within him as well as in the world outside.

Types Of Karma Yoga-Part-2

Most important in the path of Karma Yoga or even Jnana Yoga is the act of renunciation. There are do's and don'ts for the success of any process. If the do's of the path of action and path of knowledge have to work , it is necessary that the don'ts have to be followed. In the path of Yoga, renunciation is the basis on which the whole system of Yoga shall be rendered effective.

Paths Of Gita

It is important to understand that the Gita is the mirror which reflects our very nature, the Truth of all that is. Without Gita, the living entities of Kaliyuga shall long wallow in the dirt-mire of consumerism and materialistic living. The Gita is the voice of conscience. It is the bugle that can wake up the giant within us. It is high time that we rise and listen to the song of the soul, the Gita.

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