Glory Of Sages-Part-2

The devotee of the Lord is a peculiar creation. He is not like the common man who represents the world. The devotee is like the Chataka bird who waits for the rain drop looking at the clouds, when the Swati star is at the horizon. To experience God, it is important to first understand the heart of the devotee

Three Sages and Gita Press – Part-1

The story of the sages of Gita Press, Gorakhpur is a life-changing one. People interested in spirituality, should follow the life of these sages. Only when one listens or reads about the lives of exalted sages will their grace flow into our lives.

Maya and the Spiritual World

Maya, if understood can open up new avenues. The spiritual world is not an imaginary conception but a reality, if we are take sadhana seriously. Understanding spirituality through Bhakti Yoga, can open the spiritual world for us.

Philosophy behind Meditation.

Meditation is a popular topic. However there is more that meets the eye. Ontology of meditation is not spoken much about. It is important to know the real purpose of meditation and what it can do for you.

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