Role of Spirituality and Free-Will in Personal Karma

Prarabdha, Sanchita and Aprarabdha (Agami) Karma| Role of Spirituality and Free-Will in Personal Karma

Understanding the philosophy of Karma can only make us respect and bow down before the Law of Karma. Appreciating the Law of Karma will equip us to handle Karma for what it has been commissioned by the Supreme Being. Understanding the Law of Karma can only encourage us towards developing an intention within us to become free of Karma which will bear fruition in the form of liberation.

Top Mental Habits For An Immaculate Life

10 Tips for Building Better Mental Health |The Impact Of Spirituality On Mental Health

Having the right mentality is preliminary condition towards healthy and peaceful living. Great Mental health and spirituality are closely connected and can be considered as two sides of the same coin. If Truth is part of one’s character, naturally such a person shall have great mental health. The goal should be to become more spiritual. As one does this, mentally one shall become more calm, peaceful and collected.