4 Types of Mind Problems| 4 Defects of a Conditioned Being

Mental health is vital for smooth functioning of life and for the highest attainment of life that is god-realization. However in the modern world, there are many fundamental aspects of the mind ways that are considered normal but which are far away from normal. The 4 defects need to be understood and corrected by accepting suitable mental and spiritual discipline, if we are to progress towards the highest reality.

Valmiki Curse to Nishad | How Valmiki Wrote Ramayana? | Valmiki Ramayana-4

Many of the meetings in the tales of the Puranas represent important turning points in the field of consciousness. Such was an epic meeting of Sage Valmiki and Sri Brahma. Sri Brahma was the sole inspiration that prompted Sage Valmiki to compose the poetic epic the Ramayana, that has stood the ravages of time and shall continue to stand its ground as long as the sun and the moon rise at the horizon. If one is to connect with one's inner self, the Ramayana can be a means to enable the connection.

What is Itihasa Purana? | Difference between Ramayana and Mahabharata

Unless one understands the structure of the Vedic scriptures, one shall be very confused about the way in which Sanatana Dharma has been configured. It is important to understand the position of the original works of the Vedic scriptures, so as to appreciate the deep philosophy and mystery of the life process, which is documented in every detail within these works.

Lord Shiva and Devi Sati listen to Ramayan by Agastya Muni | Ramcharitmanas Story

Lord Shiva is the personification of Sages. All the qualities that are to be seen in the life of a sage, Lord Shiva represents it to the fullest. If one were to develop devotion to the Lord, one has to first oneself to Lord Shiva and understand His mood of service. Only then can one qualify oneself as a devotee. Understanding Lord Shiva, through the tales of the RamaCharita Mansa can become an interesting and fruitful journey.

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