A Brief On Vedic Scriptures

What is Itihasa Purana? | Difference between Ramayana and Mahabharata

Unless one understands the structure of the Vedic scriptures, one shall be very confused about the way in which Sanatana Dharma has been configured. It is important to understand the position of the original works of the Vedic scriptures, so as to appreciate the deep philosophy and mystery of the life process, which is documented in every detail within these works.

Sanatana Dharma- Framework-part4

The 3 Chapters of Yajnavalkya Smriti | What are the 18 Puranas and Upa Puranas?

Understanding Sanatana Dharma, directly contributes to the clearing of consciousness. Understanding the structure of the Dharma, highlights the scientific basis on which the affairs of adminstration, education, personal-care, social care, and all other aspects of life were based. The framework was so advanced that it is even relevant in modern times and shall remain relevant till the eternal.