5 Things to Know about Preaching | Sanatana Dharma Teachings are beyond Preaching

Preaching appears to be a regular feature in modern forms of religion and spirituality. Religion and Spirituality can prosper through teachings and hand-holding, when there are seekers and interested people who want to know Reality. But preaching is the negative aspect of Guidance where flare is used as a selling and influencing mechanism to attract larger crowds using religion as a pretense. Preaching has less to do with spirituality and more to do with pomp and gimmickry.

10 Tips for Building Better Mental Health |The Impact Of Spirituality On Mental Health

Having the right mentality is preliminary condition towards healthy and peaceful living. Great Mental health and spirituality are closely connected and can be considered as two sides of the same coin. If Truth is part of one's character, naturally such a person shall have great mental health. The goal should be to become more spiritual. As one does this, mentally one shall become more calm, peaceful and collected.

How to Develop Bhakti? | Bhakti: Path of Devotion

Many times the Sanskrit term Seva is used interchangeably with the term Service. It is convenient to use the word Service in the English language, but this English word lacks that depth, that the word Seva connotes. It can be interesting to see and grapple the depth and the high standards of the word Seva. We should have deep reverence for the word Seva. Seva cannot happen without Bhakti. So it is important to unravel the mystery around Bhakti first and then understand the word Seva that is hand-in-glove with the word Bhakti.

Death is the Ultimate Truth of Life | Spirituality to Overcome Fear of Death

The fact of life is that it is intriguing. We simply live our lives without understanding what life is and where it is heading to. Unless we pose some serious questions to ourselves and take a position about life, life shall continue in endless, fruitless cycle. The fearful aspect of life is inarguably death. What causes fear when we die. How do we get rid of this fear, as we prepare to die. We need answers to this questions, failing which the concept of life shall remain mystified.

What is Reincarnation in Hinduism? | How does Reincarnation Work in Hinduism?

The philosophy of Reincarnation is the basis of the law of Karma. Without reincarnation, no law would have any meaning. This is what makes Sanatana Dharma as the eternal law, that which cannot be challenged by any other philosophy. Even science is a toddler when it comes to understanding of the theory of reincarnation. If one understands the philosophy of reincarnation perfectly, spiritual practice shall become the goal of that individual. This is the greatness of the sages of Sanatana Dharma, who have explained reincarnation in the most approachable manner.

Equanimity Bhagavad Gita | What is the Purpose of Bhagavad Gita?

Unless one refers the teachings of the Gita, the path to our spiritual origins shall remain obscure. many times people are enamoured by spiritual experiences of ther people and regard them as someone great because of their so-called experiences of the other-world. However the Gita clearly defines the characteristics of a truly enlightened being. The Gita becomes the ultimate book of reference for the sincere seeker. Studying the Gita under able guidance can help one getting embroiled in the clasp of charlatans. Gita ithus becomes an indispensable book of reference for the true seeker.

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