Conceptions-Form And Formless

Understanding the Concept of God, is vital to our spiritual journey. Unless the concept of God is ascertained, our spiritual journey cannot begin. The Gita is the best manual, with regards to understanding the nature of God, the Supreme Rality. When one undertakes the study of Gita in a mode of surrenders, it throws light on the concept of God, in an approachable and a scientific manner. God is the most scientific component that is behind the workings of creation and is the final resting place, once the journey of man consummates.

The Story Of Shankar Deva-Part-5

Bhakti has its own power. This is best expressed through the lives of pure devotees. A pure devotee effortlessly , through the Grace of the Lord, transforms an apparently challenging situation to an advantageous situation. The life of a devotee, is intended for the welfare of all and does not distinguish between friend and enemy. Sri Shankar Dev was one such great devotee of Assam.

Rights, Not one!

All of us talk about rights, about what needs to be done to get something. Nature has been exploited in this process. What do the Vedic scriptures say? It will be interesting to explore our lifestyle and attitudes

Cult and Confusion

Most of us are looking for a purpose in life and head the wrong way. Just as an appliance has a manual for correct use, so does life have one.

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