Bridge made by Lord Rama | What is the Significance of Ram Setu Bridge?

Understanding the position of Lord Rama, is to stand with Truth. It is important for man to make sense of opposing ideologies and viewpoints within the world. Unless there is harmony among antipodal viewpoints and perspectives, there cannot be progress in Truth. It is important to choose our ideals in such a way that one can orchestrate a complete harmony among those ideals. If that art is supoosed to be mastered, one should take pains to understand the character of Lord Rama.

Rama, The Embodiment of Dharma | Glories of Lord Rama | Lord Rama and Dharma

The Story of Lord Rama, especially the one described in the RamCharita Manas is an unparalleled work that is super-excellent in terms of its spiritual value. A person who undertakes the work of studying the great work, especially the one which has the purports described by the modern sage, Yug Tulsi, Ramkinkar Upadhyay, becomes an essential means towards cultivating a spotless spiritual character. It also illuminates many facets of the Ramayana, including the inner meaning pertaining to the deeper aspects of truth that is highlighted in the life our beloved Lord Sri Rama.

Ramkinkar Upadhyay and Ramcharitmanas | Ramkinkar ji Maharaj Ram Katha

It is important to understand the lives of the Sages and Seers of India, by studying them closely. Through this study, one should try to decode the mystery of life. The sages of Sanatana Dharma represent the highest ideals, the very epitome of pure consciousness. When the lives of these sages are studied and assimilated, our journey towards the Absolutely is simplified and the mysteries of life get unraveled with consummate ease

Devi Sati Reborn as Parvati | Characteristics of Goddess Parvati | Daksha Curses Narada Muni

It is important that we cultivate the right moved of listening especially when we are in the association of holy men. Association is available only because of the pure Grace of God. One should not miss this blessed opportunity A sage or a seer is one who has the capacity to alter the entire course of one's life. One has to develop the right mood when we are in such a holy association. The process of getting prepared is an important step even prior to meeting up with a seer or sage.

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