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8 Tips For Self-Discipline At Work

8 Tips for Self-Discipline at Work | 8 principles of Self Discipline in Skill development

Self-Discipline is a building block , a framework for the manifestation of inner spirit and joy. Although discipline is a hard word by design, it is the only process that can take man closer to the position of liberation. Discipline of any sort, relating to work, skill or spirit is liberating by its very nature. Self-discipline is to be deliberately inculcated if at all one is serious about the spirit.

9 Simple Things to Remember About Mind

9 Simple Things to Remember About Mind | 6 Main Parts of the Mind

The Mind is the instrument that reflects life or consciousness. The constituents of life are enlivened by the functioning of the mind. Unless Mind is understood through awareness, meditation and higher understanding, it cannot be grasped. The purified mind can be engaged towards understanding the Nature of mind. Spiritual discipline is a tool that is used to reform and refine the mind.