Sanatana Dharma

Moksha and Bhagawan

Moksha and Its Various Types

Some call Moksha, Nirvana while others call it Salvation. But, Sanatana Dharma classifies Moksha into 3 main types. Karma Mukti, Videha Mukti and Jeevan Mukti.

6 Pointers Towards God

6 Facts about God | Man did not Create God

Saying that man has created God and that He can be “created” the way you want is a figment of rich imagination. That’s all. God is eternal and he can be realized through authentic processes recommended in Scriptures of Sanatana Dharma. He manifests in forms and these forms of God are eternal. Sadhana is the process of surrendering to Him through processes recommended by the spiritual master. Your earnest seeking shall make Him available to you, As He Is and not as you imagine him to me although you can employ several processes to invoke Him which also includes imagining Him!

The Fallacy Of Community Service

The Fallacy Of Community Service | Can I Change the World?

Serving the community, serving other people is direct service to the Self. Never mistake service as supporting others or helping others. The whole world is the Self. When one serves oneself, it is the smaller self, when one helps others without expectation, that is true spirituality.

who is a true sage

6 Signs of Who is a Sage?

A Sage is one, who is perfectly established in Sanatana Dharma. Top 6 Signs of a True Sage- 1) A Sage is never interested in worldly matters…