six vices

From Infatuation To Insanity

The Psychology of Lust | Negative Effects of Lust and Infatuation

The disease of the mind is termed as insanity. However there are various degrees of insanity and most of them pass unrecognized in this material world. It is important that the discrepancies are recognized and realized so that one is able to take conscious steps forward, towards intelligence and spiritual maturity.

Glory Of Sages-Part-5

Lord Shiva and Devi Sati listen to Ramayan by Agastya Muni | Ramcharitmanas Story

Lord Shiva is the personification of Sages. All the qualities that are to be seen in the life of a sage, Lord Shiva represents it to the fullest. If one were to develop devotion to the Lord, one has to first oneself to Lord Shiva and understand His mood of service. Only then can one qualify oneself as a devotee. Understanding Lord Shiva, through the tales of the RamaCharita Mansa can become an interesting and fruitful journey.