Praise And Insult In Spirituality

Certain small areas are not looked into as we try to fine tune our spiritual practice. We often meet roadblocks and although we try to progress in our spiritual journey it is surprising to see that we have not moved an inch. Looking at praises and insults from a spiritual angle becomes very essential to take that giant leap towards perfection.

Medical Science And Spiritual Insight

Medical science is a boon for the current age. However there is a certain aspect that is often neglected by almost all human beings, when it comes to applying medical science to extract maximum benefit from it. Doctors prescribe medicine, but can the doctor know all the things, all the parameters concerning the mind, our specific system, that controls our health or bodily parameters? The simple answer in "No". This is where spiritual insight becomes an important point to consider. Spiritual insight only develops with practice of Spiritual discipline.

The Fallacy Of Community Service

Serving the community, serving other people is direct service to the Self. Never mistake service as supporting others or helping others. The whole world is the Self. When one serves oneself, it is the smaller self, when one helps others without expectation, that is true spirituality.

Ramkinkar Upadhyay-The Spiritual Genius-Part-2

It is interesting and vital to study the life of sages who have walked on earth. It becomes especially important if one is eager to know what is at the heart of Sanatana Dharma. The sages whose lives are an epitome of sacrifice, who have made their life a receptacle of God, need to be studied and surrendered to. Unless one's emotions and inspiration is tuned to such elevated beings, Knowing God shall remain a far-fetched dream.

Conceptions-Form And Formless

Understanding the Concept of God, is vital to our spiritual journey. Unless the concept of God is ascertained, our spiritual journey cannot begin. The Gita is the best manual, with regards to understanding the nature of God, the Supreme Rality. When one undertakes the study of Gita in a mode of surrenders, it throws light on the concept of God, in an approachable and a scientific manner. God is the most scientific component that is behind the workings of creation and is the final resting place, once the journey of man consummates.

Secrets Of Sound And Spirit

One has to understand the science of sound, to understand the science of the spirit. One also needs to understand that the theory that connects sound and spirit. As one gets deeply involved with the science of consciousness

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