Mystique Of Kundalini Yoga

The Mystique of Kundalini Yoga, is the scientific understanding of Shiva and Shakti. Shiva represents the spirit while shakti is the energy of Shiva. When the energy represented by Shakti merges with Her source, Shiva, liberation takes place as a consequence of this union. Our entire life system is defined by the energy patterns governed by the flow of Shakti towards Shiva. It is similar to the river which beings its journey from the mountains as a drop, merging finally into the roaring ocean.

Rama-The Bridge Of Dharma-Part-1

The Story of Lord Rama, especially the one described in the RamCharita Manas is an unparalleled work that is super-excellent in terms of its spiritual value. A person who undertakes the work of studying the great work, especially the one which has the purports described by the modern sage, Yug Tulsi, Ramkinkar Upadhyay, becomes an essential means towards cultivating a spotless spiritual character. It also illuminates many facets of the Ramayana, including the inner meaning pertaining to the deeper aspects of truth that is highlighted in the life our beloved Lord Sri Rama.

Glory Of Sages-Part-4

The story of sages cannot be complete without the story of Lord Shiva, the original sage, the master of all sages. He is the epitome of the ideal Guru. If a guru has to cultivate himself, as a giver of knowledge, then he needs to be the humble follower of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva sets the example , a prelude to the way gurus should set precedent.

Glory Of Sages-Part-3

Sages and Seers play a vital role in the lives of people who are at the brink of transformation. Sages are the initiators of transformations. When a person decides to seek the Truth, the first person he encounters who gives him the cues, into this exhilarating journey is the Seer. The Sage or the Seer presents milestones to the seeker and then the seeker sets off into a new journey seeking these milestones. He meets more seers who send him further ahead through their instructions. But the question is are people really interested?

Glory Of Sages-Part-1

Sages are the pivot that hold people together. They are the source which ignite the spiritual fire amongst the population. Without sages the spiritual landscape of any region shall be barren. Without them, life would not have that extra dimension, the dimension of the spirit. Unless one is blessed by a sage, it is verily not possible to succeed in spiritual life.

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