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Bound And Boundless Life

How can Sadhana help Change Personality Defects? Introduction to Sadhana

Many people feel that Spiritual discipline or Sadhana is not meant for people who have a lot more to see in life. Most people associate Sadhana with religion or faith. But there are valid and more important arguments that need to be considered for every individual, so as to follow a spiritual discipline pattern at the earliest. Interestingly, spirituality, common sense and pure intelligence are different names for the same facet.

Rama-The Bridge Of Dharma-Part-1

Rama, The Embodiment of Dharma | Glories of Lord Rama | Lord Rama and Dharma

The Story of Lord Rama, especially the one described in the RamCharita Manas is an unparalleled work that is super-excellent in terms of its spiritual value. A person who undertakes the work of studying the great work, especially the one which has the purports described by the modern sage, Yug Tulsi, Ramkinkar Upadhyay, becomes an essential means towards cultivating a spotless spiritual character. It also illuminates many facets of the Ramayana, including the inner meaning pertaining to the deeper aspects of truth that is highlighted in the life our beloved Lord Sri Rama.

Glory Of Sages-Part-3

Kakbhusundi’s views on Lord Shiva and Lord Rama | How to get the True Benefit of Satsanga?

Sages and Seers play a vital role in the lives of people who are at the brink of transformation. Sages are the initiators of transformations. When a person decides to seek the Truth, the first person he encounters who gives him the cues, into this exhilarating journey is the Seer. The Sage or the Seer presents milestones to the seeker and then the seeker sets off into a new journey seeking these milestones. He meets more seers who send him further ahead through their instructions. But the question is are people really interested?