Contents Of RigVeda-Part-6

It preserves the hymns of many of the most famous and legendary of the sages of India which includes Vashishta and Vishwamitra. These sages were as renowned as Sri Rama, Sri Krishna or the Buddha, who appeared at a later date. These sages outlived many blessed personalities of the yore and are also stated to be living even at this current time of Kaliyuga, in their ethereal forms, accessible to people who have the right qualifications to contact them. This is not myth, but a blaring truth.

Lord Laxmana and the Lessons of Time- Part-3

Sri Laxmana verily represents Death. In the form of Sri Sheshanaga, he is the eternal attendant of Sri Narayana in the milk ocean. As Sri Laxmana he is the faithful servitor of our eternal Lord Sri Rama. Understanding Sri Laxmana in the context of the Ramayana is vital towards the understanding of the concept of Death and Time.

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