Who is Ishta Devata? | Bhakti, a stage beyond Moksha

Bhakti as a superior process of God-attainment is undermined by the largely intellectual populations as a valid spiritual process. This is unfortunate. In fact with the maturity of the spiritual culture in the Spiritual capital of the world, Bharath, India, the Bhakti process has established itself as the supreme process, the supreme freeway towards God with form.

Bridge made by Lord Rama | What is the Significance of Ram Setu Bridge?

Understanding the position of Lord Rama, is to stand with Truth. It is important for man to make sense of opposing ideologies and viewpoints within the world. Unless there is harmony among antipodal viewpoints and perspectives, there cannot be progress in Truth. It is important to choose our ideals in such a way that one can orchestrate a complete harmony among those ideals. If that art is supoosed to be mastered, one should take pains to understand the character of Lord Rama.

Where did the European Culture Originate from? | Rig Veda and Vedic Civilization

It preserves the hymns of many of the most famous and legendary of the sages of India which includes Vashishta and Vishwamitra. These sages were as renowned as Sri Rama, Sri Krishna or the Buddha, who appeared at a later date. These sages outlived many blessed personalities of the yore and are also stated to be living even at this current time of Kaliyuga, in their ethereal forms, accessible to people who have the right qualifications to contact them. This is not myth, but a blaring truth.

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