Srimad Bhagavatham

Birth of Prakriti and Brahma

Purpose of Creation?| Birth of Brahma and Prakriti | Srimad Bhagavatham-09

Shukhadeva said: “From the navel of Sri Vishnu, the creator of the material universe, Sri Brahma was born. The creation is fundamentally split into two parts, the first being manifestations of Brahma the material universe, while the second part is the creation initiated by the Supreme Lord Himself. The universal creation of Brahma is known as Vyasthi Shristhi

4 types of mind problems

4 Types of Mind Problems| 4 Defects of a Conditioned Being

Mental health is vital for smooth functioning of life and for the highest attainment of life that is god-realization. However in the modern world, there are many fundamental aspects of the mind ways that are considered normal but which are far away from normal. The 4 defects need to be understood and corrected by accepting suitable mental and spiritual discipline, if we are to progress towards the highest reality.