Abodes Of Space Travel-Sanatana Dharma

Sanatana Dharma is the most advanced science, which is far beyond the reach of the material sciences which we know off. There are many dimensions of consciousness which lie far beyond the five senses which function only in the earthly platform. When our perception is enhanced through specific processes,of Sanatana Dharma we can develop the ability to travel to those dimensions.

The Fallacy Of Community Service

Serving the community, serving other people is direct service to the Self. Never mistake service as supporting others or helping others. The whole world is the Self. When one serves oneself, it is the smaller self, when one helps others without expectation, that is true spirituality.

Ramkinkar Upadhyay-The Spiritual Genius-Part-3

The life of Maharajshri, Ramkinkar Upadhyay was exceptional. If one hears the lectures of Maharajshri, one shall be convinced that he is a blessed sage who has the capacity to transform another individual just by his power of speech. More importantly if one studies the life of Maharajshri, one shall come to the firm conclusion that Grace is the second nature of sages. Maharajshri is one such sage.

Three Principles of Life- Maya, Jeev And Bhagawan

The principles of Bhagawan, Jeev and Maya are the only three principles that are behind the creation, maintenance and dissolution of the universe. Other than these three principles there is no fourth principle. If one toils enough to absorb the philosophy of these three principles, spirituality becomes easy. Understanding these three principles, one would have understood the building blocks of all spiritual life.

Karma Jnana Bhakti Yoga

There is a gradation as we take up Karma, Jnana and Bhakti Yoga. Karma Yoga starts at the body level, Jnana takes us to the level of the mind and intellect, while Bhakti graduates from the intellect to the Self, to God.

Secrets Of Sound And Spirit

One has to understand the science of sound, to understand the science of the spirit. One also needs to understand that the theory that connects sound and spirit. As one gets deeply involved with the science of consciousness

Contents of the RigVeda-Part-7

The principles of the RigVeda are not a myth, but the very epitiome of Reality. It is an expression of our True Nature, which all of us have forgotten through a serial degradation of the ages. It is time to revive that spiritual rigor and induce within ourselves that lost fragrance of Dharma, through a thorough understanding of the Spirit of RigVeda

Three Sages And Gita Press-Part-2

Life of sages, is incomprehensible for most people. However a person who is committed to sadhana or spiritual discipline, shall be able to find meaning in the lives of great sages. the Gita Press was the house of three such sages, who have been able to keep the light of Dharma glowing, even in this dark age. Understanding and appreciating the life of such sages is an essential part of spiritual practice.

Philosophy behind Meditation.

Meditation is a popular topic. However there is more that meets the eye. Ontology of meditation is not spoken much about. It is important to know the real purpose of meditation and what it can do for you.

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