7 Ways Of Mind Chatter

7 Ways of Mind Chatter | How can we stop Mind from chattering

Arjuna says that I am able to control the winds with my weapons but I cannot manage the flow of my own mind. This is what the mind can do to us. It can simply blow us out and make us dolls managed by its own whims and fancies. When such a thing is happening beyond control, know that it is the chattering mind which is telling you to do so many things over which you have no control. This madness of the mind-chatter has to stop if you want to be useful to yourself and the society at large..

Medical Science And Spiritual Insight

How Mind can Heal your Body? | Relationship between Spirituality and Health

Medical science is a boon for the current age. However there is a certain aspect that is often neglected by almost all human beings, when it comes to applying medical science to extract maximum benefit from it. Doctors prescribe medicine, but can the doctor know all the things, all the parameters concerning the mind, our specific system, that controls our health or bodily parameters? The simple answer in “No”. This is where spiritual insight becomes an important point to consider. Spiritual insight only develops with practice of Spiritual discipline.

Devotion And The Means To Stay Devoted

How to Practice Bhakti Yoga? | How to Develop Devotion Towards God?

The role of devotion as a valid means for spiritual realization is often undermined in current times. Devotional Service remains the single-most effective means for God-realization in current times. It becomes essential to understand the science and means to cultivate such devotion in the heart and attract the undivided Grace of the Supreme Being

Devi Shakti and Wielding of Energy

What is Shakti in Hinduism? | Shakti Energy Awakening

The Power oF Devi, the is the power of the moving force within nature. All forces are the manifestation of Shakti. Our all life on this material panet is under the domain of the Devi Shakti. When one chanelizes the inner energy, this energy protects and raises consciousness and takes one to the attainment of the objective of the life-process.