The Power Of Samskaras-Part-1

Samskaras, are our mental impressions. These impressions dictate the quality of our life. Man is a machine in many ways. Our habits form tendencies and that automates us in many ways. Our habits dictate our lives and most times, our reactions depend on the habits that we have formed. Looking at the science of Samskaras can be an interesting journey towards understanding our own selves much better.

Human Body-Co-ordinates Of The Universe

Understanding the human system, especially the body, in the context of vital energy centers is important. The heritage of Sanatana Dharma gives us a view of how to treat the body as a powerful conduit to connect to the Supreme. The science of Kundalini, is completely based on this understanding

Ramkinkar Upadhyay-The Spiritual Genius-Part-1

It is important to understand the lives of the Sages and Seers of India, by studying them closely. Through this study, one should try to decode the mystery of life. The sages of Sanatana Dharma represent the highest ideals, the very epitome of pure consciousness. When the lives of these sages are studied and assimilated, our journey towards the Absolutely is simplified and the mysteries of life get unraveled with consummate ease

Vision Of The Yog-Vasishtha

The Yog-Vasishtha is the gem in the field of Jnana Yoga. For a meditational practitioner who tries to comprehend the nature of the world, the Yog-Vasishtha is indespensible. understanding this great scripture shall unravel the many mysteries of the world and also serve as a correcting agent of our otherwise convoluted mind. If someone is to completely demystify the illusions of Maya, then it is not possible that such a person has not studied and assimilated the concepts of this great work.

Jnana Karma In The Gita-Part-1

Understanding the Gita, is an important understaking. The Gita is not a casual document, but represents the epitome, the culmination of all Worldly wisdom. Only a person who has discovered through personal experience that the world is not worth enjoying, shall develop a deep interest in this document. understanding the Path of Action and then the Path of Knowledge are the fundamental knowledge pillars of the Gita.

The story of Shankara Deva- Part -1

The study of the lives of devotees is important, if we are to learn the techniques of lives. Knowing their lives, can serve as useful tools in setting the benchmark of a life of ideals. It is a barometer that can point to the right milestones and guide us through the many trials and tribulations that life has to offer.

Truth, The Mole

We take the value of Truth lightly. We feel we can fool the world and make merry. We are living in the deepest of illusions. Its time to wake up and take the call

Family Synergy

We often take our rights for granted. Unfortunately, our family is one such entity that bears the brunt of our unprecedented rights on it. If we are to lead a peaceful life, one needs to understand what are our duties towards our family.

Eyes off Truth

Spirituality and Truth are non-different. The modern world is going the Charvaka way, an old Indian cult. What does it take to see the Truth and gravitate towards our higher purpose and continue that way after life?

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