A Brief On Vedic Scriptures

Unless one understands the structure of the Vedic scriptures, one shall be very confused about the way in which Sanatana Dharma has been configured. It is important to understand the position of the original works of the Vedic scriptures, so as to appreciate the deep philosophy and mystery of the life process, which is documented in every detail within these works.

Exclusivity In Surrender- The Light Of The Gita

We read the Gita a million times.. We swear by the Gita and often proclaim it to be our favourite scripture. We appreciated the Lord and sympathize with Arjuna. However we ourselves, fall short in imbibing the pivotal teachings of the Gita. Central to the theme of Gita is the concept of Exclusive surrender to the Lord. If our study of the Gita has not got us to the conclusion of exclusivity in surrender, reading the Gita is a sheer waste of time.

Secrets Of Sound And Spirit

One has to understand the science of sound, to understand the science of the spirit. One also needs to understand that the theory that connects sound and spirit. As one gets deeply involved with the science of consciousness

The Great Aryan Seer

It is important for the human race to know of its beginnings. Unless we peek into our glorious pasts, we shall never be able to revive our true spirits. The word Aryan, has a lot to do with our true inner character. We have, unfortunately, with the passage of time, gone into a stage of forced unconsciousness. In order to discover the true depths of human possibilities, it is important to revive within us, the glory of our ancient "seers".

The Framework of the Eternal-Sanatana Dharma-Part3

In order to know life in its entirety it becomes mandatory to understand, follow and live life on the terms of Sanatana Dharma. It will be worthwhile to understand the structure of the Dharma. The propounders of the Dharma and the values it offers to the genuine follower of the Dharma.

The Framework of the Eternal -Sanatana Dharma-Part-1

Sanatana Dharma is vast as the blue ocean. You cannot measure its extent, neither can you fathom its depth. It defines the whole of the universe within its fold. A person who understand Sanatana Dharma, the one who has realized Sanatana Dharma, becomes immortal. For him, there remains no unfinished duties.

Inner World

Our Inner world is the basis of our external world. Our external world, that which we see around and experience, has been built by us.

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