What is Conditioning of Mind? | Understanding the Conditioning Process


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Most of us, have a background, some background. The background usually reflects the environment in which we grew up, or those which shaped our views and perspective of life. In short, our background reflects our conditioning. Our entire personality which includes traits, habits, behavior and preferences is directly associated with our conditioning. Our conditioning, decides our futuristic actions; our goals, ambitions and needs. The mold of society is often decided by such conditioning. A pious man, the ambitious man, the selfish man, the greedy man, the skirt-chaser; all these depend on the conditioned mind. Overall, social consciousness is built over a period of time, by conditioned consciousness. The build-up of individual minds is what creates collective-consciousness, conditioned-consciousness.

Conditioning of the mind, is inevitable, whoever it may be. This conditioning or mental make-up, undergoes flavoring; across geography, demographics and culture, yet it has a common base on which the coloring or dyeing of consciousness happens. The turn of historical events is a roll-up of personal events. When there is a turmoil in personal life, usually it is observed that there is turmoil in the world. An occasion of happiness, seems to throw-up few happy events in the world. The key-hole that views personal events, is the same through which world events unravel. Somewhere, the nature of conditioning has a common pattern, a common formula. When there is a loss at a personal level, a death in the family; within the next few days, similar events occur in the vicinity. We hear the news of similar deaths happening around. A case of cancer in the film-world, reveals a few other cases of cancer in the same industry, as if these events were linked.

If one were to observe events and life-styles closely, it shall not be difficult to follow the “conditioning patterns”. It is not all that difficult. If this were so, the operability of the phenomenon can be easily gauged. We come to know that the “flow” or “ends” of certain individuals or certain “blobs” of consciousness have gone through a certain mode of operation or expression, due to which life has flown or ended in a certain way. The conditioning of lives follow perfect “inner” laws and meet with finite results with immaculate precision. Our elders often said “See and learn”. In the current world, we have lost this very ability of seeing and learning. Life has been repeating its stringent laws to us, through the “conditioning” process, but we care little about it and let our lives go on auto-pilot.

We fail to realize that “conditioning” is like the rust that corrodes the colossal chains that lie unused for years in the dockyards. When the mind, is not plumbed and cleansed through spiritual practice, it starts to rust with every new birth, during its course of transmigration. Birth, growth, decay and death for the mind is just “corrosion” and stench. The mind never dies but reappears in a more corroded state, with every passing birth. This “mind corrosion” is what is represented in Sanatana Dharma as the “ages” or the 4 Yugas namely Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga is the darkest, the most corroded age, where conditioning is fully on auto-pilot. There is nothing done by the so-called conscious being towards the “mind-corrosion” and hence everything is more or less predictable. The laws of degeneration and degradation is when the mind is heavy with the slush of materialistic slush. The covering of the soul has lost its transparency and become sooty with the darkness of carnal tendencies.

Conditioning, unless reversed, pure consciousness cannot be realized. When you let nature take its course, conditioning gets strengthened. The illusion of events, that surround us, happens under the supervision of the conditioning auto-pilot. Unless, the mind is rid of the dross, this conditioning is recast and re-enforced. The decay of modern society is spearheaded by the conditioning of the mind. To reverse this process, strangely, one does not have to clean-up society or become a social-reformer of sorts. That’s not the way. Doing such a thing, without cleaning up one’s own mind could only speed up the conditioning process and worsen the overall situation of the world. The world, is a reflection on the individual mind, the “personal mind”. The moment this personal mind is rid of its dross, strangely but surely the world-mess starts cleaning up! This is a huge hint towards a better world!