How to Overcome Fear and Insecurity


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Fear is a ghost

“I dream of being fearless, but just then, a fear strikes me and I become horrified!”. So, just think, if this is the state of a human being, we can estimate his involvement with the mind and the thought process. In reality, we know that we dreamt in a zone that perhaps does not show up in this world. We fear the results of activities in this world.

But, in fact, all this happens just at the mind platform and not in this perceptible world. All such thoughts are ghosts lingering the mind-space and not an experiential fact. Yet this is easier said than done.

Our definition of reality is bound by our grammar lesson of tenses. Indeed we have gauged life with the division of time into the past, present, and future. There is nothing but this naked reality that fear governs our life. Yes. We are fearful of this very moment. In a casual state too, we fear of losing this time. So, precisely our life makes us feel the presence of a ghost. You can name it whatever, fear, insecurity, etc.

Impermanence causes fear

It is the reality that we conceive that we fear. It is a ghost of impermanence driving us to accept reality at times but we soon forget it when other moments of life pass by. We feel impermanence at the time of sorrow and also at the time of happiness. It is marked by the fear of losing the moment. We all have experienced this reality of life, impermanence but we reject to address this issue.

We reject to cut off its roots. Perhaps, we do not realize the intensity of this fear in its prior stages but soon many of us tread the spiritual path. Why? Because we all are undergoing a life crisis.

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Living becomes haunting. Why wait till life batters you to accept this path? Let go of the notion of time to ‘see’ the reality where you no longer feel alone experiencing it.

All we imagine, dreams and fears are just the outcomes of intense churning of the thoughts generated by the unexamined mind which in turn is fueled by our involvement or indulgence with negative thought patterns. So, when we detach ourselves from our own thoughts, fears, and dreams and surrender it to God, we owe no more to them. Those are not ours then. God is in charge. He handles those fears for us.

Mindset to get relived of fear

By realizing and practicing that Dreams and Fears are not real but are just generations of our primitive, animistic mind, through sadhana or spiritual practice we can, by ourselves disconnect them from our lives. So now, “I no longer dream and so fear not about any fear. Life itself is like a beautiful, unimaginable dream.”

Everything is under the supervision of God and thus we are let free from dreaming and all fears. It is thus stated with authority that spiritual practice alone shall be our chute of redemption and no other!

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