The Fallacy Of Community Service | Can I Change the World?

The Fallacy Of Community Service

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“We live in a perfect world”, so say the Vedic Scriptures. Irrespective of the ages, the Golden age, the Silver age, the Bronze Age or the current Iron Age, there is nothing less than perfection in the state of affairs of the world. This statement may seem ridiculous or even outrageous to most people. How can the Golden age and Iron age be equally perfect, can be a valid question to ask. The answer is a little deep and perhaps intuitive, which may not be evident at first glance. The aspect of Social consciousness, the aspect of collective and global consciousness has the answers. In a perfect world, things have to run the way they are meant to be. In the Golden age, there were rapes, but not so much as in the Iron Age. There were thefts and robbery but not so much as in the current age. There may be have been gross misconducts during the olden days but nothing compared to the current age. So all the negativities appear to be too many in the current age as compared to the olden days. The number of good and sacred people in the current age are negligible compared to fraudsters these days. In the olden days it was quite the contrary. Then how do the Vedic texts proclaim that, nevertheless, the world is perfect and will continue to be? For this reason, one has to look at the whole situation intuitively.

The law of Karma is universal. When man goes against divine, spiritual laws, there shall be a downfall in morality, this is universal. Everything in the cosmos works according to this law and hence actions and reactions are counter-balanced, that is why the world is still functioning. If we go against the environment, Nature produces famine, floods or earthquakes. When someone cheats the other person, although other beings are unable to witness what is actually happening to the one who cheats, he does get punished severely by nature. If social consciousness is falling, society gets punished in the way that divinity chooses. Even in this current fallen age, yogis and sages appear on the earthly platform and maintain the balance in society, through their sadhana or spiritual discipline, through their very presence. The world, although undergoes flux, apparently in the negative direction today, the Supreme Being balances it with good developments. However these developments are only visible to the ones who are aligned with the divine. That is why people who are not aligned with the divine and do not follow the scriptures, see themselves wallowing in darkness. When the levels of conduct falls, divine laws get into action. The thing to be seen is that the world is still managed, protected and maintained by the Divine. No man is in control of the workings of the universe. The common man does not have the vision to see that the world “is” perfect and shall continue to be. This statement is universal and cannot be challenged. This statement can be seen in action only by those who have divine vision, the result of aligning with the Supreme. Hence the Vedic Scriptures stand as the embodiment of the Truth.

The world shall run and run well, irrespective of good or bad people, irrespective of good or bad events, irrespective of good or bad population. This is a fact. Under these circumstances it is important to understand that the world requires no saviour. The world shall exist, based on the eternal law (Sanatana Dharma) and the will of the Supreme. This is an undeniable fact. Although the world is perfect and shall run well on its own accord, it becomes important for one to cultivate divinity, which is already latent in one’s heart. For example when community service is done, when one helps the other or supports society through one’s services, one should realize very firmly that the world “does not need it”. The service is done for one’s own benefit, one’s own spirituality. By serving the poor, more than the poor, it is the donor of service who is going to gain. He shall gain spiritual insight, if he serves without expectation. What should be understood with perfect clarity is “Service to others is true service to one’s own soul”. When one is rendering service, if one feels that one is “helping others”, one automatically becomes unfortunate. Does the world which is already perfect need your contribution? This feeling that I am helping the world, is one’s greatest enemy. It destroys the possibilities for one’s heart to expand and accommodate. When one sacrifices one’s ego, one is progressing at a personal level through expansion of one’s own consciousness. When one extends to the world, one is not helping the world in particular, but definitely one’s own self. Community service is less about the larger world but more about the Self.