The Great Aryan Seer | Power of the Ancient Rishis of India

The Great Aryan Seer

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The Aryan seer is a higher order of human being, a man of spiritual insight, the perfectly enlightened one. In days of yore, such seers were not outside of the normal of society. These seers manifested, in society, the love for truth and encouraged free and open creativity. They were people who opened the eyes of society into the great ardor of life and awareness. In character and stature, in spirit they were like the indomitable mountains and in movement and swiftness they were like the great rivers. All in all, purity was their hallmark. Their powers of perception impinged through all the realms of cosmic existence. Their creative force manifested even in the subtle worlds of the gods, even as they continued to live the life of a normal within this physical world.

Their mood of service was like that of an innocent cow and they were impartial like the beneficent Sun. Their minds were as colossal as the mighty heavens, while they continued to move in humble mood as the earth. Knowing the Supreme, who is all beyond, they could still admire and revel in the simple beauties of life in the here and now. They were men of the greatest simplicity yet vast in their comprehensive powers, which is reflected in the great hymns that they have created which are magical and other-worldly in their meaning and reference. They are, as they continue to be, our true spiritual fathers, the makers of civilization, and as long as civilization upholds even a wee bit of their inner spiritual values, there shall continue to be corridors of true harmony on earth, somewhere.

The Vedic hymns are, in a way, merely a means of introducing us to our ancient seer ancestors that we might comprehend the heritage of spiritual humanity we also possess. Our human history is not just of violence and sorrow. At the origins of our civilization are these very seers and the spiritual discipline that they followed. Recognizing that legacy, we can call upon ourselves, the powers latent within us and once again get back to being original humans, men of cosmic awareness, instead of being animals or machines out of control. A true understanding of ancient culture discovers the work of our ancient seers and a true vision of the future shows their influence returning again.

Our present idea of accepting man as a mere mortal with physical possibilities alone with purely material drives and our idea of history as the development of material tools and capacities is simply false and degrading. Our true and original human heritage from which we have fallen, is that of seers, as cosmic beings of spiritual awareness. Our understanding of Vedic works is the only way through which our original and higher heritage can be restored back to its pristine glory, which can return us that capacity of “seeing”, through which we can recognize our true potential, restoring us back to a condition more happy, peaceful, pleasant and wiser than anything by any stretch, modern culture has yet to imagine. It is to bring out that Aryan seer, out in us, to stimulate within us our true nobility of character and capacity to perceive the truth. It is not for some mere cultural or intellectual interest, but to link us upwardly to the ancient spiritual forces, which are still alive and vibrating in that domain, that once operated with great power on earth and are needed again today for us to survive this arduous transitional period of the race.

The Aryan Seer, it is to be understood, is not a concept or mere ideal. It is that which is our inherent nature, that lies latent, unexplored within our hearts. Matter, by its very nature is degrading. When man interacts with matter and becomes concerned with it, attached to it, he becomes forgetful of his spiritual nature. This forgetfulness takes a demoniac turn, when interaction with matter turns into indulgence and abuse. This is what is exactly happening with humanity these days. The more, man gives preference to all that which is alien to his inner being, when he spends time in close proximity with dead matter, the more he shall be “dead” in his approach with regards to the spirit. When the spirit is clouded with all that is matter, he shall forget his spiritual origins and act in a matter, which is worse than animals. That which arouses thoughts of the divine shall be forgotten and trampled upon for the sake of pettiness and meanness. If this is what, human beings prefer to do, then why should the word “human” be used in the context of homosapiens? The hypocrisy of the human race, stands exposed today. Isn’t it a fallacy to look for peace and happiness, components of the spirit in areas which are least connected with them? It becomes all the more binding for human beings to tread on the path of the ancient seers and revive the meaning of the word Aryan in their hearts. This “Aryan” can never be lost. It is the very code of our aliveness. It is our very spirit. It is just a matter of revival of our dormant spiritual flame once again, that seems to have been forgotten, at the moment.