An Introduction to the great Bhakti sage, Shri Sudarshan Singhji Chakra

An Introduction to the great Bhakti sage Shri Sudarshan Singhji Chakra

Relatives of Shri Sudarshanji Chakra

Shri Sudarshan Singhji Chakra, has contributed immensely to the Bhakti Literature of Bharata. He was a sage who was immersed in spontaneous devotion to the Lord, in Raganuga Bhakti (रागानुगा-भक्ति). He was born on 14th November, 1911 on Kartika, Shukla Ashtami day, which fell on Gopa-Ashtami that year. His parents were Shri Ram Kishorji and Shrimati Sarupa Devi. He appeared in the district of Varanasi, in Bhelhata village. He belonged to a well to-do family, but as he turned 15, he lost his uncle, mother, younger sister Jayanti, his father and brother Samajh Singh. Suddenly, he was left all alone in the world. He was very close to his brother and after losing him, Lord Krishna assumed the position of his younger brother. Sudarshanji used to address Lord Krishna as “Kanhai”. Since then, Kanhai never left Sudarshanji alone. Lord Baldev, became Sudarshanji’s Guru, Hanumanji Maharaj became his elder brother. Lord Rama and Sita took over as Sudarshanji’s eternal parents and Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati took their positions as Sudarshanji’s grand-parents.

Sudarshanji’s editorials

Sudarshanji did not go to school, after having passed the 7th class. He did not lose interest in books, nevertheless. He attained knowledge, by the blessings of his divine family, knowledge which far exceeded, that attained by most contemporary scholars. Although he participated in the freedom struggle, he never claimed any position, status or award that recognized his efforts towards the Indian Independence struggle. He never expected nor accepted any donation from anyone. His wealth consisted of a towel, a dhoti, and a small photograph of his dear most friend Sri Krishna, all this was contained in a small cloth bag. To satisfy his bodily needs, he served as an editor in a small publication firm.  He worked at Sankeertan-Merut (1937-41), Ramvan, Manas Mani at Satna (1940-72). Paramarth Ashram and Vivek Rashmi (1969-72) at Haridwar, Krishna Sandesh at Shri Krishna Janmasthan Mathura (1975-89), where he edited and wrote many of their publications.  He also served in the Kalyan, Monthly as well as other Special publications of Gita Press, Gorakhpur. He assisted Shri Hanuman Prasad Potdar of Gita Press in most of his publication works. Shri Sudarshanji was also well-versed with Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Jyotish Shastra.

Shri Sudarshanji’s final rites at Shuktaal

He was close to Shri Akhandanandji Maharaj. Maharajji had a special liking for Sudarshanji. Sudarshanji considered Maharajji as his own elder brother. Sudarshanji was responsible for the setup of a 77 feet Shri Vigraha of Hanumanji Maharaj at Shuktaal, Uttar Pradesh. Sudarshanji left for the Abode of Goloka on 25th September 1989. His final rites were performed on the banks of river Ganga, at Shuktaal. Sudarshanji always said, that he only had to hold the pen and Sri Krishna did the rest. The greatest wonder of all the books written by Sri Sudarshanji was that he never held the rights of any of his books. He said that his books could be published, copied and used in whatever ways, without any exception, by anybody. This was his broad-mindedness and large-heartedness, which had place for the entire world.