The Life Story of Queen Draupadi

who is draupadi

Birth of Draupadi

Queen Draupadi came out of the sacrificial fire.

Hence, she wasn’t the begotten daughter of King Drupada.

Her uniqueness was her beauty.

Her body was tender and beautiful like blue lotuses, whose fragrance could be sensed from miles away.

Hence, she is also called “Krishna” or the dark complexioned one.

During her appearance, a prophecy occured-

“This goddess is god-sent.

Eventually, she shall destroy the ill-minded kshatriyas and the Kauravas.”

Arjuna wins Draupadi’s hand

After the lac-house tragedy, the Pandavas moved in disguise.

On reaching Panchal, they decided to attend Princess Draupadi’s swayamvara.

There, Arjuna displayed his prowess and won Draupadi’s hand.

However, the humiliated participants protested and attacked the couple.

Subsequently, Lord Krishna’s interference controlled the situation

Finally Arjuna  brought his newly wedded bride along to his little hut.

Draupadi marries the 5 Pandavas

By divine providence, Queen Kunti was once cooking meals facing the opposite side.

In humor, Arjuna introduced Draupadi as alms.

So too, without turning around, Devi Kunti ordered-

“Share it with your five brothers.

All were taken aback at her dillemmatic orders.

vyasa organizes marriage of pandavas

Nevertheless, Queen Kunti’s words seemed impeccable.

After great thought, Draupadi was finally, married to the five Pandavas, 

Initially her father Drupada and brother Drishtadyumna protested against the decision. 

But Sage Vyasa and Lord Krishna persuaded the two and thus the unconventional marriage took place.

Draupadi’s humiliation

When the wicked Shakuni defeated Yudhishtira in Dice, Duryodhana ordered Dushasan to disrobe Draupadi.

Therefore, Dushasana grabbed her by her hair and flung her into the crowded hall.

The humiliated Draupadi begged for justice and approached the glorious personalities for protection.

Sadly, none came to her rescue.

Bhishma and Drona shut their eyes.

The helpless Vidura walked out of the court.

Draupadi Vastraharan

Finally the grief-struck queen let out a heart-rending cry for Lord Krishna.

Since Krishna was her eternal brother, He was her only hope and shelter.

She cried-

“Oh Krishna! Oh Govinda!

Don’t you know of my humiliation.

Kindly save this helpless woman drowning in the Kaurava ocean.

Please protect this surrendered soul.”

krishna saves draupadi

Krishna saves Draupadi

Dushasana pulled her saree with all vigor, but the saree kept growing.

The lord miraculously kept renewing the saree.

All were astounded to witness the miracle.

Now, Dushasana, possessing the strength of ten-thousand elephants, had to admit defeat.

Why worry when the lord is your protector?

Durvasa visits the Pandavas

Once on Duryodhan’s instigation, the wrathful sage Durvasa visited Yudhishtira accompanied by 10,000 disciples.

Duryodhana had schemingly sent the sage thinking-

“Poor yudhisthira!

How will he welcome such a vast party.

Certainly Sage Durvasa shall curse him.”

The sun-god’s boon

Now, by the grace of Surya deva, Draupadi had acquired a magical vessel which could feed countless guests. However after Draupadi ate, the bowl no longer produced food.

Unfortunately, Durvasa reached the forest untimely, after the exhaustion of meals.

Nonetheless, the gentle Yudhsitira welcomed the sages and invited them for dinner.

Meanwhile, Durvasa bathed in the river.

Krishna helps Draupadi

The Lord of Dwarka was Draupadi’s only support.

In distress, she invoked the lord for help.

The remover of fears, Lord Krishna appeared instantly and partook a thin shred of vegetable thus satisfying his universe.

The holy procession was full and thus left without informing.

Thus Draupadi’s devotion saved her family.

Draupadi’s chastity.

Draupadi satisfied her husbands by her modesty, conduct, and loving demeanor.

She was hence qualified among the chaste women of Bharat.

Queen Draupadi always followed her husbands like a shadow during difficult times.

Queen Satyabhama’s curiosity

Impressed by Draupadi’s chastity, queen Satyabhama accompanied Lord Krishna.

Satyabhama said-

“Draupadi, I see that your valourous husbands listen to you.

How come?

Do you chant some magical mantras to seduce them?”

Could you suggest some techniques which I can use on my husband Dwarkadheesh.”

How does Draupadi serve the Pandavas?

Draupadi replied-

“A chaste lady keeps away from such magic.

How can one use mesmerism on one’s own husband?

Only foolish women resort to such foul means.

They not only harm themselves but their husband too.

A pious lady should keep away from such witches.

Qualities of an Ideal Wife

Queen Draupadi continued with her way-

“I serve my husbands and their family without keeping any malice in my heart.”

My words are decent.

I stand modestly and keep away from vulgarity and malicious men.

I admire the Pandavas, no one else, even if it is the handsomest personality.

Infact, I eat, bathe and sit only after my husband.

When my husbands arrive, I stand up and offer them their respectable seat and refreshments.

I heartily feed them delicacies and keep them happy.

In-fact I am always at their disposal.

For their happiness, I dust the house and keep it clean.

I never put them down.

A pious housewife should keep away from lustful women. 

In fact, I did not stand at doorways and filthy grounds.

In the absence of my husband, I stop beautifying myself and observe fasts.

Also, I make do with the available cosmetics without nagging them.

My mother-law is my ideal and I serve her with all sincerity.

Never fight with your mother-in-law.

Indeed, I never compete with her to show my supremacy.

I keep in mind our family traditions and prepare sweets suiting the festivals.

According to me, an ideal wife should serve her husband and worship him like god.

Always serve top-quality stuff to your husband.

Avoid wearing better, eating  better and so on.

Knowing one’s husband’s likes

Draupadi continued-

“Earlier, King Yudhisthira owned almost ten-thousand maidservants.

You would be surprised to know, I knew all their names by heart and supervised their actions.

During King Yudhishtira’s procession at Indraprastha, around one lakh horses and elephants followed him.

I was the one who did the accounting and supervised their maintenance.

Again, I look after the king’s attendants.

Wife looks after accounts

Again, I alone maintained the savings accounts.

Completely relying on me, my Pandava husbands focused on welcoming seers.

Thus, day and night, I served them and won their trust.

Finally I would rise first and sleep last.

Oh, consort of Lord Krishna, this is the surest way to win the love of one’s husband.”

Draupadi’s compassion

This episode show’s queen draupadi’s magnanimity.

She forgave Ashwattama, the killer of her 5 lovable sons.


She felt for Kripi, the mother of Ashwathama and ensured no mother suffered the pain that she underwent. Glory to such forbearance

Likewise, Queen Draupadi’s tale is the very example of chastity, compassion and devotion.

In the Kamakya forest, Jayadrata sinned by abducting Draupadi.

In self defense, she pushed him so hard that he fell down hard.

However he sprung up again and dragged her forcibly.

Meanwhile Bhima and Arjuna came to her rescue.

On Jayadratha’s day of Judgement, Draupadi suggested his release.

 Thus Draupadi not only possessed a fiery personality but also a gentle heart; a rare combination indeed.

Eventually, sinners like Jayadratha, Kichaka, Dushasana, Karna and Duryodhana met a devastating end who tried to humiliate Draupadi, who was fully dedicated to her husbands.

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