Identifying with Ego & Mind Conditioning

Who Am I?

The moment we are born; we are taught to identify, label, and relate. Our closest, older relatives teach the child to objectively identify with things and people with statements like “I am your father“, ” I am your mother“, “I am your uncle‘; also with statements like “This is yours”, “This is mine“, “This is his” and a host of other identifiers.

This is when the possibilities of consciousness start demarcating boundaries. No doubt, these labels are good and help us interact with the world and carry out our much-needed transactions, but then a deeper problem is introduced at the outset. The habit of identifying and classifying formulates the sense of “I” very deeply within the core of our being. This “I” as many mystics and seers put it, cripples us in many ways and perhaps alienates us from our infinite nature. The false notion of “I” which is built over the cycle of millions of lifetimes is so colossal that we are transformed into puny egoistic creatures..

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Reality of Individuals

The Vedic sciences have proclaimed that the human being is an “infinite possibility”. Yet we experience ourselves as tiny, limited, and transactional. All that we are capable of, is a simple, materialistic, and transactional possibility and nothing more. The Vedic sciences declare that we have infinite glory within us.

What we experience in life though, is quite the opposite. The infinite has joy, satisfaction, contentment, and glory contained in it. We are its possessors, its heir apparent, as the perfect sciences proclaim. Then why is it that we are neither able to see or experience it?

The solution to this is contained in the statements made above. It is this false sense of “I” which limits our experience of a perfect world. We live in a perfect world and yet we are beset with limitations and problems. If we were to somehow get rid of this falsely created clout of “I” and “mine”, things would have been ideal. If this clout wall is knocked down by some means, we would have infinity staring right into us.

Wonders of Awareness and Attention

All possibilities would simply open up just as an old dilapidated wall makes way for a deluge. Attention is something that is a feature of the infinite that remains with us even as we have raised a high wall of “I” around us. If this power of attention were not there, there was to be no question of being alive.

This attention is indeed the light of awareness that stays with us all the time, even in sleep. This is not to be confused about the sense of false “I” created in us due to identification and labeling. The means to bring down this wall of “I” is quite simple and direct although the process to pull this out is not evident.

If we are to shift attention, to infinity, to supreme consciousness, to God, to that force that animates this world, our problem should disappear to the proportion to which our attention is fixed on that feature of the infinite. If we are to practice shifting focus on the infinite and draw it into our lives with perfect sincerity, it is just a matter of time when this wall of “I” shall come crumbling down, giving us direct access to the possibilities of the divine, of the infinite.