Observing change around the world | Poem: The Road And the Sea


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There is a long road ahead of me
Many alongside, pass by, dazed;
some buzz past me, like a bee
Some travel fast, some slow,
some simply wait and see
I wonder what the fun-fair is all about,
ah! it resembles the sea.
The crowd around, is not just people,
it’s got animals and trees,
It has mountains, plains and plateau
All of them walking, wafting past me.
I have not seen anything like this before,
Oh! that’s not all, I see something more
I see my own thoughts and emotions take the human form
They are walking past me too, like, they do not know me!

This is strange, as I continued my walking by this sea!
My thoughts are at rest now, 
there is nothing happening now, inside of me.
Little did I realize then, that my thoughts
had already passed by, without acknowledging “Me”
I continue my sprint, little did I realize,
All that “I” had; my body, mind and senses
were anything, but “me”.
As “this” is sinking within my current form,
I see the road ahead, which seemed endless then,
coming to an end, it is shrinking and out of business.
Ah, where is the sea that accompanied me, I do not see.
There is no road in sight, no sea and, there is no “me”.