Signs of Spiritual Awakening

signs of spiritual awakening

A Brief Intro to Spiritual Awakening

When the world falls apart, beyond comprehension; and when the mind is not able to put things together, you might probably be hallucinating.


when you view it in the light of spirituality, it is a spiritual experience indeed.

In this state, you might not know what’s happening around you.

When all that one has known, starts to disintegrate it marks the first sign of a spiritual experience.

Everything starts to crumble in the light of the present.

If this is the case, know that you are on the brink of a massive spiritual experience.

A person undergoing spiritual experiences might face many challenges.

Such a person undergoes mental, physical, and spiritual challenges.

People might call such a person mad or might rush him to the hospital.


But this experience is far from such equations.

It is a profound experience.

The mind caves into something supra-mundane, something profound.

This experience can also find no expression.

It is something deep that takes you to your very core, inexplicable.

Nothing but deep silence can only do justice, such is this experience.

I shall nevertheless try to allude to what happens in a “spiritual experience”, in the “Spiritual Deluge”.

The internet has tons of material on the topic of “Signs of Awakening“.

But, in this article, you’ll find signs of spiritual awakening that has been personally accessed.

Something more deep and incomprehensible is when the “spiritual deluge” happens.

1) You lose control over Life situations

Before the spiritual awakening process…

Many people find themselves in a superior state of control and authority.

Life moves the way they want.

However, after a spiritual awakening…

the true challenges of life come in the fiercest forms, thereby impairing your decision-making capabilities.

This spiritual opening can be so severe that, life can turn topsy-turvy.


Everything changes in a matter of a few days.

The experience can last from a month to a couple of years.

The situations are not in control of the person.

Its an avalanche, an explosion, which has a mind of its own.

2) You start Surrendering to Nature, God, or Energy

Spiritual Awakening experience is such that surrender is forced upon, where all control is taken over by this alien.

After the harsh battering one might lose confidence.

As this experience is uncommon among common folks, you might be left alone.

However, only Nature, God, or energy stand by your side.

They manifest through you.

Hence, you find it best to surrender to superior forces rather than taking charge of your life.

This gesture makes it easy for you to sail through the spiritual experience, explosion.

3) You may face Identity Crisis

The spiritual experience might bring about unpleasantness for a short period of time.

However, the experience is intense, wherein one may face an identity crisis.


The person will not be able to relate with one’s own form, likes, tastes, habits, mentality, relationships, ideas, thought processes, etc.

It may become so severe, that superficial memory or even cellular memory might get reset.

There is no trace of the “old self”.

Habits are forgotten, just as a piece of white cloth is dyed black.

Memory literally becomes absent.

There is no trace of the previous moment as the spiritual aspirant dies in one moment and is reborn the very next moment.

You experience impermanence in its truest form.

You see a moment die and a new moment replacing the old one.

This reality is reaffirmed.

4) Relationship Problems

Relationships are wholly based on familiarity and emotions.

The more one knows the other, the better is the relationship.

To make it simple, it is completely based on memory.

We resonate with each other through ideas, likes, and dislikes.

Partners get close to the other by satisfying one another’s needs and appreciating each other’s presence.

But, a spiritual experience most often cuts off all these cords that bind two people together.

The need for someone or something is uprooted and is replaced with spiritual vibration.

This might cause disturbance in relationships.

The spiritual experience might mute the emotional faculty for a period of time and this can cause turmoil in the personal lives of certain people.

You might not necessarily feel for the other person as much as you used to feel before your spiritual experience.

However, if a true partner or family member should try and help the person and support him/her rather than adding to the mental turmoil.

Your need to connect with other people or your partner no longer finds a valid reason as the spiritual force overpowers you.

The need to interact or familiarize with something external vanishes.

Fundamental definitions of mother, father, and brother, all get changed in a matter of minutes.

One is not able to view “relative” or “friends”.

One is only able to see a bunch of life forms floating around.

This mindset is probably difficult for family members and your loved ones to digest.

5) Feel Extreme Fear and Sometimes get scary Visions

Though there is freshness due to the absence of memory, there remains extreme fear and uncertainty.

This freshness of existence is very disturbing to the mental construct that is under sudden attack.

Our old mind tries to regain control over us through scary visions, which may be millions of lifetimes old.

This is because our mind has been the passenger through the millions of lifetimes we have undergone.

It throws these past impressions to get our attention and tries subduing the spiritual experience.

The individual, therefore, undergoes hell and heaven, all at the same time.

You might experience immense peace for a moment, but right after that, a horrific state of mind can pull down your energy levels.

Other Common yet Unusual Signs of Spiritual Awakening

The spiritual aspirant may temporarily be attacked by delusions.

In this state, one is not able to differentiate between dream and reality, night and day.

He may feel that he has no head or has lost his arm.

All this, owing to the tremendous “chakra-realignment“.

The alignment is happening at the life-energy level.

A man undergoing such a spiritual attack becomes lighter than a feather.

But, sometimes he/she becomes heavier than earth.

In the fit of this experience, he can jump from the top of a 4 storeyed building.

Yet, the person shall not have a scratch on his body.

Now, there are many more supernatural things that he undergoes.

Almost all the experiences shall challenge the laws of physics, chemistry, and biology.

The spirit is beyond all these laws.

When the body begins to vibrate, at high frequency, none of the laws shall apply.

In a nutshell

Spiritual Experience can be is indeed dreadful for the person undergoing it as well as for their loved ones.

However, one needs to understand that time, faith and courage are the true friends that come in aid at such times.

Thanks for reading!

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