Signs of Spiritual Awakening | What happens during a spiritual experience?


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When the world falls apart, beyond comprehension; when the mind is not able to put things together, of what’s happening around; when all that one has known, starts to disintegrate and crumble in the light of the present, know that you are on the brink of a massive spiritual experience. During a spiritual experience, the “other” person, may label you as “losing your head” or “going mad”. But this experience is far from such equations. It is a profound experience where the mind caves in to something supra-mundane, something profound. This experience can also find no expression. It is something deep, that takes you to your very core, inexplicable. Nothing but deep silence can only do justice, such is this experience. I shall nevertheless try to allude to what happens in a “spiritual experience”, in the “Spiritual Deluge”.

The internet has tons of material on the topic of “signs of awakening”. Something more deep and incomprehensible is when the “spiritual deluge” happens. This spiritual opening, can be so severe that, one’s entire life can turn topsy-turvy in a matter of a few days. The experience can last from a month to a couple of years. The situations around a person undergoing this experience is not in control of the person, it’s an avalanche, an explosion, which has a mind of its own. This experience is such that surrender is forced upon, where all control is taken over by this alien, who manifests all around as events and situations; as people and as time, in its most devastating form. When this experience takes place, the individual, his mental make-up and whatever concepts of life and living, that one has carried through, over many millions of lifetimes, gets ravaged, crushed. The whole structure and conception of “worldly comprehension” comes tumbling down. The situation may become so bad, that memory, even cellular memory gets reset. There is no trace of the “old-self”. Habits are forgotten, just as a piece of white cloth is dyed black. When memory gets affected, it also becomes difficult to identify or connect with worldly relationships.

Fundamental definitions of mother, father, brother all get changed in a matter of minutes. One is not able to view “relative” or “friends”. One is only able to see a bunch of life forms floating around. One is literally able to “see” mental vibrations like one is able to see “day” in the presence of the sun. One is able to “see” negative vibes. One sees clouds around the people who wish evil and so on. Memory, literally becomes absent. There is no trace of the previous moment, as the one affected by the spiritual deluge, dies in one moment and is reborn the very next moment. Traces do not exist even a wee bit. This freshness of existence is very disturbing to the mind construct that is under sudden attack. The mind, tries to regain control over the living entity through scary visions, which may be millions of life-times old.

The individual undergoing this experience, undergoes hell and heaven, all at the same time. He can go into delirious laughter or even weep uncontrollably at the same moment. The external appearance of such a person, is much worse than a person who is declared clinically mad. Yet, something profound happens to this individual. The sense of “individuality” is ransacked by the experience. The boundaries of being human is also dissolved, over period. The spiritual element, rushes in, to the extent that the “old mind pattern” revolts. The goal of this experience is to dissolve the mind. This dissolution of the mind may take anywhere between a few months to a few years. As soon as the mind gives up, the deluge starts to subside. Then a new perception, a new meaning arises. This process is not an awakening by any means, it is a new birth with a new body and a new mind, a mind that has no contortions or erroneous belief systems. The new mind, is then able to see things as they are.

The spiritual experience, as such has many interesting facets, which possibly makes no sense, when the so-called individual comes out of this experience. Often such individuals land up in front of Psychiatrists who treat the “patients” for phobia and other mental sicknesses.Little does medical science really understand the science behind the mind and the spirit. Medicines have their own place in spirituality. It has always been. It is an arrangement provided by the Creator. However the doctors are handled by the Supreme spirit and that is the reality. When the aspirant, whose old mind is attacked by the spiritual force, he gains immense mental and other-worldly powers, similar to occult powers, although for a brief period. Doctors have been giving theories about this phenomenon and writing it off. But nobody wants to accept it as powers. They give it the name disorder! Strange but true. The individual attacked by the spiritual force may temporarily be attacked by delusions, where he shall not be able to tell night from day; dream from reality and so on. The man finds his body dissolving, may undergo severe, excruciating pain, in various parts of his body. He may feel that he has no head or has lost his arm. All this, owing to the tremendous “chakra-realignment” that is happening at the life-energy level.

A man undergoing such a spiritual attack, becomes lighter than a feather sometimes and sometimes become heavier than earth. In the fit of this experience, he can jump from the top of a 4 storeyed building and shall not have a scratch on his body. This, he shall be able to see for himself, through his hugely awakened consciousness. Yet no one shall believe him, if he were to reveal that he jumped from the top floor. He would be brushed aside, since he is now a mental patient. There are many more super-natural things that he undergoes and almost all the experiences shall challenge the laws of physics, chemistry and biology. The spirit, is beyond all these laws and when the body begins to vibrate, at that frequency, none of the laws shall be applicable any more. It is not a matter of belief but a matter of first-hand experience. The senses given to such a person under the spiritual deluge, are not material as for the rest of the world, but completely spiritual. The Bhagavat Gita says that the spirit cannot by burnt or wet. It cannot be cut or harmed. The man undergoing the Spiritual Deluge, has his body completely aligned with the spirit. He gets a first hand experience of the “spiritual body”, beyond the material senses.

The experiences of Spiritual Deluge can fill many volumes and can be profound and interesting. It is more interesting than all fiction put together. Just as all experiences come to an end, the spiritual deluge also starts to subside, as the “individual” completes his first-hand training on the nature of the world and the after-world. The Spiritual Deluge is the Absolute Himself, in flesh and blood, taking the puny speck of star by the hand to the spiritual world. The spiritual deluge, is the practical side of Sanatana Dharma. It is the supreme source manifesting itself in the being. It is Sri Dakshinamoorthy, the Supreme Teacher, who gives the first-hand experience of all experiences, of this world and many millions of other-worlds. The more said, the less, said.