Story of How Sri Radha Baba became Hanuman Prasad Poddarji’s Follower | Gita Press Gorakhpur


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After spending a great time at the Gita Press along with Sri Goyandaka and Sri Poddar, Sri Radha Baba, made up his mind to visit the holy land of Vrindavana. He expressed his desired to his spiritual friends. To this Sri Hanuman Prasad Poddar, replied “You shall go, only after I permit you”. Even after this statement Sri Baba did not understand the position and greatness of Sri Poddar. Bringing renunciation to the forefront, Baba sternly said “Poddarji, you may just do this. To the maximum you may not procure my Train tickets to Mathura. How else can you stop me. I shall walk alone along the rail tracks, with no care and reach Mathura.” Sri Poddar, with a smile on his face, returned to his chamber.

That night, was one of the most unforgettable nights in the life of Sri Radha Baba. He dreamed that Lord Krishna had come to visit him in flesh and blood. Startled with this experience, Baba opened his eyes and lo, He saw the Supreme Lord watching over him with a smiling face, seated by his side on the bed. Sri Baba was not dreaming. He was actually in a personal meeting with the Lord, at the Gita Press guest room, that night. Sri Baba desired to praise and sing the glories of the Lord but his mouth failed to support his cause. Sri Krishna, the Supreme Lord enquired “Baba, why do you want to go to Vrindavana?. He further elaborated “You want to go to Vrindavana because it is my divine abode. It is because you want to have my vision in Vrindavana, that prompted you to plan a trip to Vrindavana, isn’t it? But you do not know one thing; that I have transformed the whole body of Sri Poddar into my Dhama, Si Vrindavana and now I am performing all my leelas, divine play through his body. It is time for you to realize that you are in close proximity to Sri Vrindavana since you are living in the vicinity of Sri Hanuman Prasad Poddar”. Exclaiming thus, the Lord disappeared, leaving Sri Baba utterly baffled. 

From that moment onwards, even that iota of self-pride that remained within Baba at that point, owing to his self-assumed position of a sadhu, was smashed to pieces. The next morning, Sri Baba rushed to the chamber of Sri Hanuman Prasad Poddar and with tears in his eyes, the Baba bowed low in prostration to Sri Poddar. In return, when Sri Poddar attempted to prostrate Sri Baba, Sri Baba stopped Sri Poddar and indicated with gestures that he had come to know of the Truth about Sri Poddar, through the Lord Himself. Now Sri Baba, with folded hands spoke thus ” Poddarji, I pledge now that, whatever remains of my life, I shall now, not move even a distance of 1 km radius from your body. I have got enough evidence of your greatness and your mercy. I shall remain always with you. Whatever is your desire, automatically becomes my need and my desire. I shall only go, where you go.” This was a vow that Sri Radha Baba took that morning and stood by that vow till his last breath. 

This was a vow made by him in the autumn of 1939. This vow remained unbroken for 41 years, because later, in the year 1971, Sri Hanuman Prasad Poddar left for his heavenly abode. Sri Radha Baba was present in our midst until the year 1994. When the final rites of Sri Hanuman Prasad Potdar happened at the Gita Vatika, a few miles away from the Gita Press, Sri Radha Baba stood there, staring at the flames that rose from Sri Poddar’s cremation, with tears flowing unabatedly from his lotus eyes. There was none else, other than Sri Radha Baba who understood the divinity of Sri Hanuman Prasad Poddar.