The Life of Sri Radha Baba of Gita Press After Sri Hanuman Prasad Poddarji’s Death

Sri Radha Baba, erstwhile, stayed with Sri Hanuman Prasad Poddar at the Gita Press. Now that Sri Poddar was cremated at the Gita Vatika, a few miles away from the Press, Sri Radha Baba also moved to Gita Vatika. He started living under a tin-shed, a makeshift house, and a few meters from the cremation ground of Sri Poddar. The door of this shed would usually remain open, facing the cremation spot of Sri Poddar. He continued to stay at that place for 21 long years.

Sri Baba would display the Ashtasatvika Bhavas (अष्टसात्विक भाव) during the course of his life at the Gita Vatika. He would sometimes weep uncontrollably or sometimes laugh without a break, showing the symptoms of the highest spiritual  grandeur, which could be only seen in the persona of the most elevated beings who walked the earth. There were many days, when Baba would not come out from his shed, lost in spiritual union with the Lord. He would often conduct Akhanda Hari Nama Sankirtan (अखंड हरिनाम संकीर्तन) at the Gita Vatika, where many great sages of Bharath were invited and many would participate in the Kirtan Mela (कीर्तन मेला) or festivals of singing the glories of the Lord, lost in devotional candor. Sri Baba would be lost in his pensive mood, in God-remembrance during the course of these programs.

Very rarely he would divulge details about his own personal life and experience. But then, such instances were few and far between. There was an event, where he received a letter from his biological brother who wrote that, being a Brahmin by birth, he should have been ashamed to spend time with two people of the business order, Vaishyas (वैश्य). Doing so, Sri Baba it seemed, according to the brother, had lost all Brahminical credibility. To this the Baba replied, “I do not think that I can explain things to you. You are, also not capable of understanding the deeper nuances of my life. You are just my bodily brother, of this lifetime; you may, also not be qualified to know deeper things. But I wish to tell you that, in my various spiritual expeditions, I have not found any soul as exalted as Sri Jaydayal Goyandakaji and Sri Hanuman Prasad Potdar. I have attained the very goal of my life in their holy company.  I am not serving a businessman or anyone from the third order of the Varna Ashrama (वर्णाश्रम), but I am in service of the direct associates of the Lord. Yet I do not expect you to follow or understand what I am stating. I am also certain that you shall never be able to derive any meaning out of this letter, this is my final say.” he wrote.

The tales of Sri Radha Baba, Sri Goyandakaji and Sri Hanuman Prasad Potdar represent the very pillars of the rich culture of Bharath, of Sanatana Dharma. They reflect the very Truth of existence. What they represent, is an invitation to the common man, to take to a lifestyle that paves the way towards immortality. By listening to the life sketches of sages, like the three sages of the Gita Press, man shall be able to peep into his past and retrospect, his own life. The stories of great men are a benchmark against which man should set his goals, raise his bar and progressively set new standards of the highest ideals. When material muck is siphoned out of the mire of earthly living, divinity awaits it; ready to hold it, by the palms and lead one, into the domain of a world, free from the throes of mundane living.