Top 4 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

spiritual awakening symptoms

How common is a Spiritual Experience?

Let me tell you, people synonymously use terms like conscious awakening, spiritual awakening, spiritual enlightenment, and spiritual experience.

Hence, please note it as you’ll find me interchanging these terms!


In a spiritual experience there is a realignment of energies within the body.

An individual finds doors opened towards the kingdom of energy that lies in our soul.

Through a spiritual experience a person connect with higher energies, and unlocks higher possibilities of life.

It simple yogic terms, this experience is also known as Chakra-alignment.

Are spiritual experiences the same for everyone?

Each person has a different spiritual experience.

It includes outer-world experiences, experience of death, ghosts, weird symbols, people, sound waves, and unknown people.

Medical science has no answer for this as their medical reports declare the person absolutely normal.

In this article we will discuss:

  1. The 4 most common and uncommon Spiritual Awakening signs.
  2. Whether or not spiritual experiences are a result of mental imbalance (psychiatric condition)?
  3. Whether the spiritual experience is permanent or not?
  4. How does it feel like after a spiritual experience?
  5. What is the benefit of a spiritual experience.

So, now let us dive into the topic!

Top 4 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

1) Your Thoughts, Ideologies, Concepts, etc, undergo dramatic change

The unseen is the one who manifests all around as events and situations.

However, during a spiritual experience we see nature and people in their most devastating, unseen, supernatural forms, which migt turn out to be extremely fearful.

When this experience takes place, the individual, his mental make-up, and whatever concepts of life he/she carried through, over many millions of lifetimes, all of it crashes at once.

Ideologies, belief systems, trust in others, etc fades away and the living being begins embraing the reaity of things and situations.

The whole structure and conception of “worldly comprehension” come tumbling down.

It might be fearful sometimes.

2) You see People & Things in terms of Positive & Negative vibes

Matter clouts a common person

Hence, we see the person’s body, emotions, mentality, etc and the truth remains concealed.

But, a spiritual experience erases all mental barriers.

He/she is literally able to “see” mental vibrations like one is able to see “day” in the presence of the sun.

One is able to “see” negative vibes and positive vibes, instead of the person.

You don’t identify yourself with the person or thing, but only with the vibration, they emit.

Everything becomes symbolic.

For example, You might notice some clouds around the people who have malicious intentions and so on.

This can also make you more cautious than other individuals and helps you take better decisions in times of need.

3) Highly Unpredictable & Eccentric Behaviour

During a spiritual experience, the mind suspends itself into a different dimension where conscious human effort has no say.

The person acts according to time, place, and circumstance and has no binding factor.

He does not identify with ay person, thing or emotion in general and stands a mere spectator.

So, do not be in a fix if a person bursts into laughter during a serious coversation or if he shouts when he was expected to pacify.

Due to this the person becomes highly unpredictable as there remains no binding factor, making him/her most unbiased.

Also, the next action that he takes might be highly unpredictable.

In now way, can we predict their actions

At one time they might be extremely friendly and at other times they might be intolerant.

Such people can go into delirious laughter or even weep uncontrollably at the same moment.

The external appearance of such people is much worse than a person who is declared clinically mad.

Yet, something profound happens to this individual.

Spiriual experiences ransack the sense of “individuality”

The boundaries of being human are also dissolved, over the period.

4) Experience Excruciating Pain

This will not reflect in your medical reports.

All your organs will be functioning fine.

However, there still remains excruciating pain, either concentrated on a specific part of the body or scattered throughout the body.

This body pain is unusual and recurs time and again.

Also, the person finds his body dissolving.

Is Spiritual Awakening a Psychiatric condition?

Many people believe that Spiritual Experiences Relate to Mental Disorders.

But, no, it isn’t a mental disorder!

A Psychiatric condition is brain-related. Something related to matter.

However, spiritual awakening relates to the spirit, mind, and consciousness.

Alas, it is often seen that such individuals land up in front of Psychiatrists who treat them for phobia and other mental sicknesses.

Little does medical science really understand the science behind the mind and the spirit.

Medicines have their own place in spirituality. It has always been.

It is an arrangement provided by the Creator.

However, the Supreme Spirit handles doctors and that is the reality.

predicting the future a signs of spiritual energy

When spiritual power influences the spiritual aspirant’s, old mind (before the spiritual experience) he gains immense mental and other-worldly powers, similar to occult powers.

He gains extraordinary powers through which he can predict the future way in advance as well as read the past history of people.

Although he receives all these powers as a gift, for a brief period.

Doctors have been giving theories about this phenomenon and writing it off.

But nobody wants to accept it as power.

They give it the name: “mental disorder” !

Strange but true.

The benefit of Spiritual Awakening

Now, a person might Fear Spiritual Experiences.

The experiences of Spiritual Deluge can fill many volumes and can be profound and interesting.

These experiences might sound fictitious but they are absolutely true for a person undergoing it as well as for the person who has already undergone it.

It is more interesting than all fiction put together.

However, it is not fiction but reality.

A spiritual experience gives the individual an opportunity to tap into divinity.

The spiritual element, rushes in, to the extent that the “old mind pattern” revolts.

The goal of this experience is to dissolve the mind.

This dissolution of the mind may take anywhere between a few months to a few years.

As soon as the mind gives up, the deluge starts to subside.

Then a new perception, a new meaning arises.

This process is not an awakening by any means, it is a new birth with a new body and a new mind, a mind that has no contortions or erroneous belief systems.

Then, the new mind is able to see things as they are.

During a spiritual experience, one feels energy drain, loses mental balance and many even lose emotional support from family.

But, remember that after the spiritual experience subsides, life flowers and brings in newer opportunities for the better.

An immense clarity in thought, word, and deed arises.

Unique decision-making capability bestows on the individual

All the battles you lost during the experience restore in no time, with renewed freshness and life.

The spiritual experience, as such has many interesting facets, which possibly makes no sense when the so-called individual comes out of this experience.

Is Spiritual Experience Permanent?

So, spiritual experiences are not a matter of belief but a matter of first-hand experience.

The senses given to such a person under the spiritual deluge, are not material as for the rest of the world.

They are completely spiritual.

A spiritual experience starts to subside, as soon as the individual begins to grasp the spiritual nature.

The Spiritual Deluge is the Absolute Himself, in flesh and blood, taking the puny speck of star by the hand to the spiritual world.

The Bhagavat Gita says that

The spirit cannot be burnt or wet. It cannot be cut or harmed.

The man undergoing the Spiritual Deluge has his body completely aligned with the spirit and with this statement of the Bhagavad Gita.

So, there is nothing to fear.

The spiritual aspirant gets a first-hand experience of the “spiritual body”, beyond the material senses.

As the body becomes momentarily spiritualized it is beyond the ken of medical science.

It is the practical side of Sanatana Dharma, other faiths and religions.

It is the supreme source manifesting itself in the being.

According to Sanatana Dharma, it is Sri Dakshinamoorthy, the Supreme Teacher, who gives the first-hand experience of all experiences, of this world and many millions of other worlds.

The more said, the less, said.

So, in conclusion, spiritual experience is a gift.

Only courage and faith can help you sail through these nightmare experiences.

Thanks for reading!