10 Tips for Building Better Mental Health |The Impact Of Spirituality On Mental Health

Top Mental Habits For An Immaculate Life

It is important for one to stabilize one’s life with the right inner habits so that the external situation can be coped up with leaving you calmer within. When there is calm within, intelligence gets steadied. With steady intelligence we can take the right decisions. Even if the external environment gets unpredictable, we shall still have options open because the mind shall not be stressed and find newer pathways to get to safer havens. There are 10 vital domains that need to be covered towards inner calm.

(1) Have a spiritual practice

Spiritual practice, whatever it may be, whatever sect the practices belong to, shall automatically induce discipline in thinking because you are redirecting the mind towards some fixed processes which shall concentrate the mind over time. Regularity and punctuality of practice is the key towards attaining mental and spiritual success through spiritual discipline. The more rigor you bring in, the more the mind shall abide to the intellect.

(2) Talk less and be vigilant

This process shall start working only if you have a spiritual discipline. If you do not have some regularized spiritual practice, the mind shall remain dissipated and dispersed. Ensure that the spiritual discipline is utilized to give you energy, which shall build various inner capacities. One has to consciously avoid unnecessary talk so that the energy is conserved. The build-up of energy happens through spiritual discipline. However unless it is conserved by less-talk this energy shall be drained via unnecessary and fruitless talk. Once the talking habit is curtailed the vigilance aspect will become automatic. Vigilance at all times should be a goal that should be aimed for. One should set up a  fixed period daily so that even silence is adhered to somewhere during the day. This shall build the energy within, in an exponential manner.

(3) Stop gossip.

One irritating habit of the mind is to latch on to sleazy topics or instinctual matters like talking about the opposite sex or watching undesirable visual content. This tendency has to be curtailed. However the strength to perform this task is thoroughly built only if points (1) and (2) are covered. If not one shall never be able to stop oneself from useless gossip. Gossip is the natural tendency of distracted minds. So if spiritual practices, less talk, silence etc are maintained the tendency to avoid gossip shall automatically build within.

(4) Avoid unnecessary argumentation

Sometimes we may have our own view about certain worldly and other-worldly topics. It is necessary that one should garner knowledge regarding progressive subjects. It is good for the mind. However the flip side of this is that, if we confront people with views that does not match with ours, we can develop tendencies that can be intolerant or argumentative. Our goal should not be to prove our point. Our goal should be to conserve energy so that soul power can be rediscovered. What can be got by winning some low-level argument is just satiation of the ego which can harm us in the longer run. There is no harm in accepting defeat and moving away from people who are in disagreement with you or are combative by nature. Life is neither a win-loss nor a win-win combat. We are not here to market ourselves, but are here to discover who we are.

(5) Develop humility.

This is where the going becomes a little uphill and tough. Unless the first 4 points are well-covered you may not even be able to imagine about stage 5. When we start discovering the higher purpose of life, we shall witness the power of the soul. Our mood should be such that we treat people with respect. We may maintain self-esteem but should never expect that others should respect us. This can amount to a huge mental war before we get to this point. However for a person who understands that there is nothing to attain from this world, developing humility can be much easier although it is not simple. When something is easy one can do it with the least efforts. But to come to this act of doing it that shall never be straightforward. One has to be convinced that there is no point in trying to prove one’s point. Only a deep understanding of this view can drive you to become humble automatically.

(6) Do not over-commit

This is a very important spiritual aspect of our journey on the earthly platform. As people develop a soft and considerate heart, they go about helping other people unnecessarily. One has to realize that this is not practical and the more one tries to help others to the maximum, slowly frustration shall start building and your earlier emotions that were built by following the first 5 principles discussed above shall start turning against you. Do not overcommit or overdo service to others or helping others. Everyone comes with their own set of Karma and do not consider yourself part of it. This shall be the biggest mistake of your life if you do so.

(7) Do not try to be “good” to the world

This principle continues from the previous point. When spiritual qualities start building within oneself, one is overcome with liking and compassion for others. This is a fallacy and the cheating mentality of the mind. Do not fall for it. The mind wants to get after you and wants to put you in trouble so it starts feeding you with a false “soft-heart” personality. Realize that this is your subtle ego trying to get a good name from society. You shall have bad and unnecessary experiences if you fall prey to this mindset. Do not label yourself good or bad. Do not become overtly friendly or bitter with anyone. Be neutral as far as possible. Be kind but do not let the world take advantage of you. This is key to good mental health.

(8) Its fine, if the world calls you bad.

What is required is to develop utter truthfulness within yourself, for your sake and stop manipulating the world outside and getting overtly concerned about the world. As you develop intelligence and true goodness, the world is bound to say that you are bad although the world understands that you are actually harmless and safe. This is the nature of the world. Hence do not take the world too seriously. You have to take yourself very seriously and work in the direction of Truth, at all times.

(9) Never try to take advantage of others.

If you have followed the 8 points above, the 9th shall automatically follow. Be extremely committed to yourself. Develop integrity and Truth as your highest priority. When you do that with humility, you shall get help. You are getting help because you are following the path of Truth. As you follow this process never depend on others, although you may have to depend on others physically. For example if your water supply or electricity supply is hampered you have to approach higher officials in those service departments. But always trust the values you have inculcated and internally never depend on the world. This is vital for a high level of mental power and tenacity. Your commitment to Truth alone shall get everything back. You may thank the officials but know that it was inner Integrity and Truth that did your work. One more important thing is that one should internally try not to disturb others for one’s work and not consider that one has rights. You have not one right but only duties

(10) Trust the Lord alone.

The final point is the highest of all. If your spiritual practice and conservation of spiritual power is right, you shall automatically start depending on the inner source that powers not only you but the entire universe. This is the Lord. As you start realizing this Truth, your inner power shall simply multiply exponentially. Humility shall grow because you start realizing that it is the same current that blesses you, that is also blessing the world. All dualities of the mind start to fade away and you shall develop immaculate mental health. Your aura and inner constitution shall be divinized. When your faith starts deepening you should know for yourself that you are getting close to liberation.

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