Poem: Naked Truth of life

poem on truth

The ways of the world

The world out there, is what I see
No word, out there, like mercy

It cares not for what I divine
As I push within me, to refine

The chirp of Truth, is loud within
Although, it finds its way to the bin

That which earns a good night’s sleep
Is in dust uncared, buried so deep

Matter all the way, with no soul
In the heap of lies, lies just a mole

That, which is the basis of life
Appears forlorn, in perennial strife

What runs the world, is that very mole
The real purpose and life’s very goal

When curtains make way to reveal
Shall man be given the real deal

To real destination, can one arrive
The meaning of life can one derive

Truth and only Truth shall survive
As the spirit of man shall come alive

The house of lies will finally burn
Then Truth shall play well, its turn.

The world is just a false edifice
And all of us, its mere apprentice

Unless one learns the Lesson of Truth
One shall wallow deep in ruth

The meaning of life is just this
Truth being the original fortis

Yet Truth remains an unsolved mystery
For its the seeker’s own private journey

Power of Truth

As long as one manipulates
One shall drown in helpless states
Therefore before it gets too late
Hold on to truth and sail safe

To all problems there is only one reason
Whether internal or external treason
By turning our face away from truth
We bring misfortune and doom

With the advent of 1 comes 2
When truth comes, sorrow goes

As time passes by
Self-perception worsens by

Instead of experiencing progression
One rather heads towards degradation

1 + 1 = 2
If truth is your goal, joy shall follow.

The light of truth ignites within
Burning to ashes all guilt and sin

Poems are a simple yet profound means of conveying deep intuitive emotions. They strike a direct chord with the reader. In fact, poems are great for self-healing. So, these products are a collection of priceless, soulful poems that resonate with your inner self and make you feel more at peace.

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