Truth-The only Purpose to Live and Die for

Purpose Of Life

A Narrative called “Purpose of Life”

We look for a purpose in life.

If we fail, we accumulate labels such as “This guy is lazy.

This one has no ambition.

He is a burden.

Wasting his time cannot serve him.

He is useless.

He is a burden on his family.”

These are only a few labels.

There are a million more.

What is the Truth?

Do we have a purpose at all?

Am I missing something, if not working or pursuing goals?

There are so many theories floating around, which, in the end just muddle you up.

One can easily go wayward.

No wonder the world, exploding in different directions, apparently has become a pressure cooker of chaos.

Now, back to our question,

“Do we have a purpose in life?”

Are we supposed to continue what we are doing or are we supposed to simply abandon things?

This blog post is a sincere effort towards clearing these doubts.

I will attempt to clear the clutter and try to be as definite as possible.

Spirituality, overall, gets a good flaking from the rest of the community.

So-called spiritual seekers seem more muddled, than the so-called “busy go getters.”

Here are a few misconceptions about life and our purpose in life.

Let’s discuss a Fake narrative that society has set up for us.

Ambitious man

We all have different purposes and that’s False

Society feeds and prospers on junk, injected into impressionable minds.

Society says, “Get up, and Reach the skies.

You have no limits to what you can achieve.

Rise, Grow, Get.

You have a special purpose, a really special one.

You are the chosen one.

Thrive on hope.”

We hear from our parents, friends, loved ones making many bold statements about our purpose in life.

They do not quite understand their own lives.

How can they be so sure about ours?

Some call this motivation.

Such pep talk tends to infuse a sense of responsibility and ambitions.

But then, does this fervor last long?

Are we convinced, within?

This big question begs an answer.

Spirituality around this façade called “Purpose of Life”

Many loiter along the sands of time, looking for a purpose in life.

They accept something as their own and start pursuing a particular goal or ambition.

They consider that as their “Purpose of Life”.

This approach of finding a purpose in life driven by the deep desire to become happy, within, tends to do just the opposite. 

Our so-called missions, usually drive our likes and dislikes.

Whatever we interpret as gain, we “consider” genuine and believe in, we aspire for tose things.

This unfortunately, sets the edifice to inner throttling.

Especially, people with awakened sensibilities fall prey to this type of throttling.

The rest of the world happily pursues so-called aims, ambitions and that elusive happiness.

They still have a long way to go, before they even get a scent of what’s going on or what’s wrong.

This article is not for them, strangely!

Our erroneous convictions, dictate our Lives.

Everything in life then starts to manifest around what we hold as “The Purpose of Life.”

That is the tragedy.

Unfortunately, today’s so-called spiritualist also subscribes to such an approach.

The result, spirituality too becomes so-called spirituality.

The soul of spiritual practices loses spark.

Everything then, revolves around personally misinterpreted concepts.

These in turn, define so-called success and failures.

Delusion becomes “your reality”, then.

Soul Purpose in this Material World

True Spiritual endeavors transcend goals and ambitions.

Familiarizing with the world, acting and experiencing the world also, is a chapter towards transcending worldly goals and ambitions.

Uselessness of one’s assumed worldly goals and ambitions, although, qualifies as an essential step towards superior realization.

One shall not attain spiritual heights without first passing through the stinking channel of materialistic living at the outset.

This is not an irony, but a great opportunity towards genuine inner growth.

Our realization is commensurate with our intentions.

If our intention is to completely transcend matter and enter the domain of the spirit, this material world shall finally grant it.

Before that, one must pass the tests that material nature poses before us throughout our career on this planet.

Lessons not learnt cause the Delay

The secret lies in the womb of this very world.

Unfortunately, many seekers lose their path midway.

Their start is resounding and loud.

However the pangs of matter finally temper and scramble the intentions of such beings.

The result, these spiritual beings become puppets at the hands of material nature.

Time and Matter tests our Intentions

Unless we carry the Truth of deepest intentions in our thought, word and deed, we cannot start our spiritual journey.

We hear magnificent stories about elevated spiritual individuals.

It may motivate us, no doubt.

The question is, do we resonate with the value systems that such beings carried with them?

Unless we are sincere enough to answer these questions, we may never resonate with the True Purpose of all life.

It is not that all of us have different purposes.

The experience of a perfectly committed spiritual adept concurs cent percent with the revelations of Vedic Teachings.

All of us have no “different purposes”.

We just have a single purpose and that is to realize our source.

Sincerity of Purpose sets us free

When sincerity of purpose fuels our seeking, the world reveals all its secrets.

No more, shall we worry about our future.

We would then enter the domain of perfect security.

We shall not pine for money, status and fame any more.

No more shall our senses trouble us.

The scent of a man or a woman shall not agitate us ever again.

Our eyes shall not pine for a fantastic view of foreign lands, nor shall our tongues slip saliva at the thought of savories.

Truth has the power to subdue our restless mind.

It has the power to lock our tongues and stop our hands from performing actions that go against the soul.

These locks, strangely free us,.

It grants us freedom from everything that binds.

True freedom lies in soulful arrest and not in indulging into things, the way, the mind pleases.

Compassion cannot be Cultivated, Truth can be

People say be Compassionate.

Compassion, one should understand, cannot be developed or cultivated.

We can cultivate Truth.

Walking on the path of inner value system should be the chief purpose of a being born in this material world.

Many also say, Love and Care.

We should realize that the higher aspects of Care, Love and Compassion are byproducts of Truth and Truth alone.

They are the refined aspects of existential Truth.

Without Truth, Compassion cannot exist, neither can Love or Care.

If you seem to find Love and Care without Truth, believe me, its hypocrisy sneaking out of the lap of make-believe.

Such Love and Care only crafts duping and cheating.

Nothing more than that.

With the Value System, Compassion follows

A Powerful value system is the prelude to Truth.

When Truth matures and establishes itself into our life as a living reality, Compassion shall emerge.

You can never “be Compassionate or be Loving”.

Love is, where Truth is.

Compassion flows, where Truth exudes.

So let us only focus on establishing the Value system and being Truthful to that Value system.

You then need not worry about Compassion, Love or Care.

Everything simply manifests, without any effort.

Focus on Truth and Value System.

Truth defines the “Purpose of Life.”

Truth spawns the road to Liberation or Moksha

A person should not worry about what he should do to satisfy himself or survive.

A person of this planet, shall survive and feed on what nature gives.

That is nature’s innate arrangement.

When we deviate from Dharma or the prescribed paths, the light of the soul dims and the mind starts throwing out deviant options at us.

Following the diktat of the mind, we manufacture “Purposes in Life”.

These purposes diverge from the Truth of the soul.

Naturally, punishment follows.

Punishment at its minimum manifests as “Losing Peace of Mind.

Losing Sleep.”

If lose sleep, if you become worrisome, if you manufacture too many thoughts, you have lost all purpose.

You are moving away from life’s only purpose, Truth.

It’s that simple.

A person discovers Truth, through Commitment, through spiritual practice and Sincerity of Purpose.

He gravitates to the source of Infinitum, towards Infinite Life or Liberation.

These are some Paths to Attain Moksha.

Thanks for reading!