Use 10 Secrets for Activating Crown Chakra

Sahasrara Chakra

What is Crown or Sahasra Chakra?

The Crown Chakra has other names.

Some names of this chakra are Sahasrara, Sahasra respectively.

This one unlike other chakras, just lies a shade outside the physical body.

The nerve endings of these chakras do not exist within the body.

Rishis with spiritual vision have indicated that the Chakra is present at a level little above the centre of the head.

The subtlest among all, the Crown Chakra represents the center peak of our consciousness.

This also indicates that the Chakra is the subtle passage of Brahman, the universal consciousness.

Hence this Chakra carries the name “Brahmarandra”.

Significance of the Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra is the culmination of the spiritual journey.

Sahasra Chakra is also instrumental in granting Liberation.

The Crown Chakra resembles the roots of an inverted tree.

An example of the inverted tree appears in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 15.

Roots provide nutrition and control the growth of a tree.

If the roots weaken, the entire tree becomes weak.

Since an inverted tree symbolizes the human being and the human brain symbolizes its roots.

The Sahasra Chakra represents intelligence and the energy source.

If intelligence and “Shakti (Ojas) awaken, then the human system shall function and grow to its fullest potential.

About Activating the Sahasra Chakra

If one activates the Sahasra, it shall bring about a well-rounded growth within the human system.

However one finds this Chakra most difficult to activate.

Rightly so, because the Chakra at crown position exists much towards the opposite end, from where the legs start.

One should understand the philosophy this way.

We can do well for a graduate examination, only after we pass primary and high school.

So, one should master fundamentals before trying to tackle a higher goal.

Until a person first becomes capable of walking and then sprinting with high stamina, he cannot become an expert runner or compete at the world level.

Start from the Muladhara right up to Ajna

Activating the Sahasra Chakra comes only at the end.

Before that one should take up detailed study and sadhana before attending to the Sahasrara Chakra.

Starting with the Muladhara, Svadhishthana, Manipuraka, one has to activate Anahata.

After conquering the first four chakras, one attempts to activate the other two higher chakras namely Vishuddhi and Ajna

One has to first explore and energize all the other 6 Chakras in the body before taking up the Sahasra.

In a way, the base work for activating the Sahasra, begins with the activation of the other six Chakras that lie within the body.

Higher consciousness only opens up when consciousness ascends methodically from the lower to the higher Chakra.

The Secret of the Crown Chakra

One should see the Sahasra Chakra differently whilst comparing it to the other six chakras.

All other 6 Chakras one can awaken, purely through sustained sadhana.

Main quality required to invoke the 6 Chakras is sincerity in sadhana and a sense of surrender.

Grace, also plays a good role in activating 6 Chakras.

However the 7th Chakra, the Sahasra, requires only Grace.

Grace lies beyond the scope of self-effort.

We should have the intention, no doubt, but then Grace shall decide.

Grace cannot include our own practice or Sadhana.

Yet Sadhana indicates sincerity on the part of the practitioner.

Sincerity may well become a trigger for Grace although Grace is completely independent.

After one invokes the 6 Chakras, one needs to travel internally from the Ajna to Sahasra, in consciousness.

This journey one cannot simply calculate or estimate.

Indirect practices to Awaken Crown Chakra

The internet is full of practices for invoking the Sahasra Chakra.

In reality, there exists no one main practice to open up the Sahasra.

However, one can employ many indirect means to aid the opening up of the Sahasra Channel.

This too shall happen, only when your energy status is full, following the full awakening of 6 Chakras.

Jnana ignites a being when the individual sticks to the strict adherences of right living and Truth.

Then, his chances of enabling the Sahasra increases manifold.

Like this, a passage towards eternity may become available.

When someone employs Bhakti, surrendered to forms of Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu, he can invoke Grace.

This too can become a powerful reason for the Sahasra to open up.

When Sahasra opens up, the passage towards liberation is automatically available.

Ending Material Life through the Sahasra Chakra

The opening of the Sahasra Chakra heralds the end of all material life and a beginning of a brand new and everlasting cosmic journey.

The individual merges with his eternal cosmic Nature.

He realizes his divine origins, never again affected by his limited material existence.

A person who has his Sahasra fully open, attains Selfhood and becomes capable of understanding the most intricate and mystique secrets of creation.

Although he may exist in the body, such a person fully identifies himself with the universal spirit and not the body.

It is safe to conclude that the Vedic sages and devotees of the Hindu pantheon were all God realized individuals who operated from a different dimension.

This dimension has its entry gate at the Sahasra.

A word about enlightened beings

All enlightened beings have a fully activated Sahasra Chakra.

But the question is, who in the world can recognize an enlightened being?

There is no clear answer to such a question.

It is a very subjective topic.

Nevertheless, a person who is beyond the body, who cares to be in the spirit, very close to the cosmic laws, is enlightened.

Only realization can take one there and not debate or argument.

The focus of an individual, a sincere sadhaka should be to awaken Kundalini, through the six Chakras.

Kundalini Shakti Awakening

The opening of the Chakras indicate that the Shakti or female energy is making its way up.

This Shakti rises along the spine and enlightens various centres of consciousness symbolized by various points along the spinal cord.

One should focus on celibacy, as much as possible.

When one consciously guides keeping pure thoughts, his progress is much faster and definite.

When thoughts become lustful, it leads to dross accumulation in consciousness.

Naturally the Ojas gets wasted.

It takes a gross physical form instead of a subtle one.

This Ojas comes out as semen, flowing downward.

Sexual thoughts are a great hindrance and do not help the activation of the Sahasra.

Having a Clear mind and Heart- the Key

If one keeps his thoughts clean, engages in purely spiritual work or activities, the scum of six vices shall not contaminate consciousness.

Ojas, starts rising upward, attaining greater subtlety, making its way to the Sahasra Chakra.

When impurity in thought, word and action is completely purged, raw spiritual energy in the form of Ojas accumulates at the Sahasra.

Then, the component of Grace is automatically invoked, through sincere prayer.

It is then that the Ojas illuminates the subtle nerve centers beyond the body right on top of the head.

Such energy is responsible for opening up the Crown Chakra and granting liberation to the practitioner.

A great mechanism to drive the Kundalini Shakti, is, following 4 great paths of Kundalini Awakening.  

Spiritual Intent and Bhakti- Tools for Sahasra opening

When one is following the pure path of Bhakti, manta chanting is helpful.

Here, one should take up loud chanting of “Sri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram.”

One can also chant “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hara Hare- Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare” mantra.

Even these powerful vibrations shall revive one’s spiritual intent and keep one steadfast on the path of Yoga.

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