Vayavya Yajna to Attract Wealth

Vayavya Yajna, to earn money

Vayavya Yajna increases Wealth and Fortune

There is a Yajna called Vayavya Yajna.

So, when performing this Yajna with faith, you attract wealth. Wealth abandons households who invite misfortune on themselves and instead accumulates in houses where one performs this Yajna.

The Shastra says: “The Wind (Vayu) is an amazing Devata (God).

If interested in wealth, perform this Yajna that centers on the wind. Just as the wind brings together dirt at one place from all corners of the house, wealth accumulates from desirable and undesirable people at your place.” This statement requires deep deliberation.

Keep in Mind

Rules and regulations must be strictly followed by both the host and the priest performing the Yajna. Wealth attracted from auspicious sources in indeed Lakshmi. However, wealth attracted from inauspicious sources is Alakshmi in the guise of Laksmi Devi.

Wealth accumulated after the Yajna will get spent on auspicious activities like donations, or for the fulfillment of desires which fall in line with the Vedic Shastras. Your business will see gradual, yet steady growth. You’ll experience inner fulfillment and your family will be in peace.

Lakshmi Symbols to Attract Wealth

Perform Vayavya yajna with the right procedure, for best results. But, many people fail to find qualified priests. However, devotees on a daily basis worship Maha Laksmi to attract wealth. They observe occasions of Dhanteras, Diwali, etc and earn profits more than expected.

Keep a Lakmi Deity in your office space and offer her incense and flowers. Chant the Laksmi Manta Om Dhandhaya namaha: ॐ धनदाय नमः at least three times a day in front of the deity. If possible chant this mantra on a Kamal Gatta mala, 108 times to 6,912 for instant results. The more you chant, the better it is. This is a guarantee. Chant more on occasions and days of Maha Lakshmi Devi.

Keep Lakshmi Meru, Sri Yantra in your house alter. Light a fresh ghee lamp in front of the Meru, once in the morning and once in the evening. Keep the Meru clean, by keeping a brush exclusively for this purpose. Wipe it with a cloth. Meru has the power of attraction.

It is a scientific, religious instrument that is meant to attract fortune. You’ll find this in most Indian houses. Chant the Mahalakshmi Stotram at least once a week. If possible, sing it every evening, standing in front of the Meru.

If your Vayavya Yajna is successful, then:

The money shall only attract positivity. Health emergencies will find no room if you consciously donate for noble activities. Be wise while donating money to unreliable sources.


Signs of Unsuccessful Vayvya Yajna

If you intend to use that wealth to run a business focusing on money lending or any other practice which includes gambling (rise and fall) of money, then you’ll observe a sudden dip in your business. Simply put, the wealth which comes from that business will be inauspicious (Alakshmi).

It shall get spent on undesirable expenses. Instead, it will call for negative circumstances like an accident, health emergency or an unexpected natural disaster, wherein you helplessly spend each penny, you earned.

When do People Perform Yajna?

In Vedic terms, performing any auspicious task translates as propitiating Agni Bhagawan, for his blessings yield auspicious results.

Yajnas are rituals done to please Agni Deva and the presiding deity of the Homa you perform. It is usually done to satisfy desires or to fulfill a part of the Vedic injunctions. It is a Vedic ritual to perform yajnas. Many of them stand irrelevant for Modern times.

We can improve our quality of life by grounding ourselves and reverting to the Vedic Lifestyle

However, there are occasions of kalyanam (marriage ceremony), garbhadanam (ritual observed at the time of pregnancy), or griha pravesham (inaugurating your new house), wherein people perform these yajnas with much deliberation. Observing these Yajnas grant inner fulfilment and the blessings of the devatas.

A very famous Yajna is the Putrakameshti Yajna

Putra Kameshti Yajna: To bear children- Now, in our Puranas and Itihasas, we have heard kings performing fire sacrifices to beget children (Putra Kameshti Yajna). There is a mention of this Yajna in the Great epic Ramayana. Lord Agni personally gifted King Dasharatha with the 4 bowls of Prasadam, after which the 4 Lords, of the Raghu dynasty, appeared.

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