Vedic Scriptures on Travel to Outer Space


Accessing Various Dimensions in Space and Time

People are always interested in UFOs, Flying Saucers, Aliens, and anything to do with Extra-terrestrial.

But the imagery that the modern generation has, regarding other-worlds or other-dimensional entities, is quite different from the version that Sanatana Dharma offers.

The Dharma gives direct methodologies to get to the different dimensions of space and time.

This is achieved through certain meditational and spiritual practices.

One such work from a great Devotee of our times is the book ‘Easy Journey to other Planets’, by A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Founder-Acharya of ISKCON.

In my personal opinion, this is one of the most authentic works, that puts an end to conjecturing and imagery.

It comes directly to the point.

It gives you direct means of getting to various planetary systems.

The methodology of the book gives you entry into realms that are beyond the reach of modern science.

Modern Science Rejects Vedic Ideas on Space

For that matter, Modern Science even does not know that such realms exist.

The sad part of the modern so-called scientific and academic system is that it is wholly envious by nature.

If it finds anything beyond its ken of experimentation, it flatly denies or rejects ‘facts’, saying that it is only a hallucinatory idea.

But the same science continues to dish out space-related sub-standard theories by noble laureates and so-called theoretical physicists.


The common man can never understand these theories.

Common man lacks the relevant education or academic competence of understanding so-called scientific theories.

Academics can never supersede direct experience.

However, the vile aspect of modern science is that it rejects the other-worldly ‘direct experience of a Vedic space traveler as mere hallucination and ‘brain disorder’.

This is the hypocrisy of the first order.

Using Our Body for Space Travel       

Space travel has been demystified by our scriptures ages ago.

People of the modern are finding it difficult to travel to the nearest next planet Mars.

What to talk of the endless realm of space which has within its bosom and unlimited ocean of luminaries.

Traveling to these planets shall only remain a distant dream for so-called ‘evolving science’.

The basis of travel to many of these planets is wrong.

We have erred in our understanding of matter and spirit.


Our body’s composition has five elements and as a human being, about 80% of our physical constitution is water.

We are trying to carry this body to outer space.

Although our success over the past 50 years or so has been minimal, it will not get beyond this point.

The simple reason for such failures is already documented in the Scriptures of the Vedic lore.

Specific Body Type for Specific Space Travel

The entire creation is a play of the five fundamental elements.

Hence, as we travel into various space dimensions, we need to have the ability to alter the composition of our own bodies.

Unless we do that, we can never get far.

If we want to travel to the Sun planet, there is no reason why we cannot do that.

Modern Science will laugh, if we tell it, that we plan to enter the Sun planet, which has millions of nuclear explosions happening within it, every second.

What if, we were to become light and possess a travel body made of the fire element?


Will the travel and entry into the Sun star remain a challenge?

The obvious answer is ‘NO’.

Similarly, if we are to know that there is a specific planet that is located trillions of light-years away from earth, can we ever reach it in this lifetime?

The obvious answer is, we will never reach it in millions of lifetimes, even if we were to travel at the speed of light.

Then how do we get there?

If we were to become as light as space, we can get to that planet in an instant, within no time.

Science is still far away from this basic understanding.

That is why it has spent trillions of dollars on space technology and has got nowhere.

The basis of its exploration is itself wrong.

The Secret of Space Travel

Now the question is, if I were to reach the Sun, how can I get a body of fire and then get to the Sun?

If I were to enter planet trillions of light away from earth, How can I get there?

This is the obvious question.

The answer is not as difficult as it seems to be.

Our gross body is only an encasing to our real self which is consciousness.

It is our body that houses ‘personal consciousness’.

Personal Consciousness is that spark of Awareness, which is the real ‘I’, the soul.

Everything is the play of consciousness.

Consciousness is lighter than the lightest element within any multiverse.

It needs no time to travel, even if something is trillions of light-years away from it.

Personal Consciousness in Space Travel

The Gita says fire cannot burn the soul, nor can a sword cut it.

Nothing can injure or break it either.

Everything has an end, consciousness has no end.

So our own existence is consciousness.

However, our physical body is useless for such space expeditions.

We need a specific travel body to get to a place.


When a specific type of body becomes available, it can house personal consciousness and then space travel, which Will be child’s play.

There are Vedic processes that invoke deities of a certain kind, who provide a temporary but suitable subtle body so that we can take up such expeditions.

Vedic Space Travel- A Reality

Sages of the Vedic Lore have gone to Brahma Loka, the highest material planet which is beyond the scope of any modern measurement, in terms of distance.

We have many Yogis who have entered the Sun planet and have witnessed the functioning of the Sun star.

There are Yogis who have revealed the existence of certain distant planets, many thousand years back, and slowly, modern scientists confirm the same.

The difference is that the Yogi got the details, through his sadhana, without spending a dime, in a matter of hours.

On the other hand, space scientists have invested many years, equipment and money, to get one detail of a nearby planet.              

How can we Qualify for Distant Space Travels?

The science of travel to Planets within the material universe is an intrinsic part of Vedic Astronomy and Vedic Sadhana.

However, Science finds these processes dubious, because of which it has not been able to take advantage of this Vedic Science.


A sadhaka who is truly interested in understanding the various planets and stars has to devote his entire energies and time to the study of Vedic Astronomy and sadhana.

He has to purify his senses and his inner elements so that he becomes qualified to undertake space expeditions, promoted by the Vedic regime.

Sincerity and faith are the most important components which a person needs to equip himself with before he takes up any Vedic Expedition to a newer dimension.

Thanks for reading!