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story of king prithu

The Story of Prithu Maharaj

King Anga pined for a son. So, he conducted a yajna to have one. Yet, no god appeared to accept his offerings. Dejected, Anga asked his priests for a remedy.

Awakening Manipuraka Chakra

How to Awaken Manipuraka Chakra?

The Manipuraka Chakra represents the Self-esteem and self-worth of an individual. Kapalabhati can activate this chakra and gift us with tremendous self-worth.

Story of Lord Parashuram

Facts about Lord Parashuram

Lord Vishnu incarnated as the youngest son of Maharishi Jamadagni. He is the 6th empowered incarnation of Lord Vishnu. There are many stories of his birth.

stories of lord kartikeya

Interesting Stories of Lord Kartikeya

After Murugan failed to eat the Mango, he renounced the world. Parvati Devi called him ‘pazham nee’ meaning, Fruit of Wisdom. From then He got the name Palani.


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What is an Ideal Family Relationship?

One needs to be loving to everyone in the family. There should be encouragement and inspiration in the family rather than domination and disparagement.

sad man

Best way to Stop Negative Thoughts

Loneliness has increased although social media is booming. The covid-pandemic has contributed towards a lot of negativity. Let us find spiritual solutions now.

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The Family of Goloka Vrindavana, the eternal abode of Little Krishna is wonderful. You will find many sweet pastimes of Lord Krishna with his family and friends!