Vincent writes a Book on Tat Wale Baba


God-Brothers share their Master’s Memories.

Vincent, a foreign disciple of Tatwale Baba came from Utah, USA.

He had come to the humble abode of his guru.

By that time Sri Tatwale Baba had already left his body.

The precincts where the Baba spent his austere life was under the care of another austere disciple of Baba named Shankar das ji Maharaj.

Vincent and Shankar das ji had met after a gap of many years.

Vincent moved to the hut where Shankar das ji lived.

Both shared sweet memories of their Guru Sri Tatwale Baba.

Sri Shankar das ji shared with Vincent how he met the Baba .     

Vincent Decides to write a Book

As both discussed their Gurus’ greatness and mercy, Shankar das ji came with an old photo album.

Shankar das ji said ” I make it a point to share these photos with all the visitors who have interest in Baba.


This picture Album encases within itself the entire history of the Baba’s moods and greatness.” Shankar das ji became quiet for a while as he said this, remembering his Guru.

Inspired by Shankar das ji’s statements and reminiscences, Shankar das Ji inspired Vincent to present the life of the Baba in his upcoming book.

Vincent was still curious about his Guru’s routine.

Some Pastimes of Tatwale Baba

Vincent enquired innocently as to whether Baba did any yogic asanas.

Shankar das ji replied “No.

He preferred to sit in long meditation” Shankar das ji continued, “

I served my Master full time as a servant for 2 whole months.

He taught me some meditation techniques.

The techniques for yogis are very different compared to that for sadhus.

For common people, these techniques are again very different.

Once a man came to Baba and asked him as to how he could control the mind because it is simply flowing away without any care or control.


To this Baba replied, “Wherever the mind flows, additionally bring God into that perspective, wherever the mind flows, allow it to go.

Don’t stop it. Just add God along with it and then this process will regulate and control your mind.”

Shankar das ji continued ” I learned a lot from those conversations between the visitor and Baba.”

Tatwale Baba Advises about Guru and Gods

Shankar das ji took a pause and then said ” Tatwale Baba whenever you add God in any activity or work, ensure that you retain Him throughout your action.

Slowly you shall stop expecting anything from your actions and you shall solely learn to work for the pleasure of the Lord.

You will work for someone but you will not expect anything from anyone.

That is love for God.

It is that simple.

Tatwale Baba asked his disciples to put their hearts on great Gurus and Incarnations of Gods like Sri Rama, Krishna, Jesus or Buddha.

By doing so they will gain the attributes of their guru or deity.

This was his firm conviction.”     

Shankar Das Ji eats Alone.

Vincent asked Shankar das ji, ” Did Baba have any other disciples?” 

Swamiji replied, ” There were 11 disciples who were around, at the time of Tat Wale Baba’s death.

Otherwise Baba has thousands of devotees all round India.”

However only Shankar das ji (Swamiji) was the sole caretaker of the Ashram premises.

The conversation between Swamiji (Shankar das ji) and Vincent continued for hours and suddenly Swamiji realized that they did not have food.

Both then made their way to the shack (kitchen) and helped themselves with the plates.

They had cauliflower vegetable gravy with some spices.


However Shankar das Ji did not have his food.

He left his plate back on the shack table.

Vincent saw that Shankar das ji sat and spoke with Vincent while Vincent had his food.

Vincent enquired, ” Aren’t you having your lunch?”

Swamiji replied, ” You make yourself comfortable, I will be having my lunch a little while later.”

Shortly after, Shankar das ji made his way to the shack and served himself.

He sat in the corner and had his food.

Swamiji preferred to have his food alone.

This was a form of practice that he followed all his life.

Advantages of Eating Alone

The great thing about eating alone, without talking had many many benefits and the sadhus of India knew those benefits more than anyone else in the world.

Having food alone, will prevent all types of digestive and gastrointestinal disorders.

Hence, there will be no bickering, back-biting and no gulping of food.

This means that one is in a very high state of consciousness and mood while having food and also proper attention is paid as each morsel enters our blood-stream.

Swamiji never spoke till he had the last morsel of food and had some water in the end.

Vincent had finished his lunch and sat quietly in the corner, waiting for Swamiji to finish.     

Shankar Das Ji Shares more about Baba

Vincent continued, “Swamiji, this is interesting, please tell me More about Baba.

Please tell me more.” Shankar das Ji washed his hands at the open place outside the shack and joined Vincent.

He smiled and continued, “Tat Wale Baba’s desire was to bring humanity and all religions together for peace in the world.

So, he foresaw this site as the future center of the world, where he would direct the people, bringing new messages for the benefit of the world.

Unfortunately, he left without finishing his work.

He was in the process of building more caves for meditation.

This place is very special.

This exact place has a mention in the Shiva Mahapurana.

According to the Purana Lord Shiva had stopped at this place for rest with the party of gods and sages, this is where Tat Wale Baba lived all his life.

This is that very Bhutnath Gufa (The cave of Shiva)”

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