Why success is not worth it?

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Relationship between Success and Intergity

Why should you bother if you are successful? Your success will dictate your life. Then why is it necessary to maintain integrity in life? Is there a deeper purpose in maintaining Integrity? Does it add to your success or does it have any relation at all with success?

Integrity is a commitment to Truth. Success is a worldly term and what success can give to you is just skin deep satisfaction, that is fleeting. Success also requires a lot of compromises and one of the major values you need to compromise with is yours Integrity. Integrity is what you are, when nobody is around you.

It is the ability to stare at yourself right in your face just like when you are staring at a mirror. Integrity is to have a clear conscience at all times. What Integrity requires you to do is, not to lie with yourself and follow the voice of conscience at all times irrespective of whether your career is going on the right track or not.

Truth and Integrity is more important than success

When you are riding the wave of success, all that matters to you is your myopic view of success where Integrity takes the back seat. You enter into competition with others and in that heat you compromise life values and ethics. When you are committed to worldly success you cannot be committed to integrity at the same time.

Success really seems to give you a kick and keeps you motivated falsely. It has to do with the externalization of things where your appreciation in the public domain becomes more important.

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Success is temporary

Success gives you a high, where doing well in a job, getting incentives and getting recognized at your work place matters. However you should be able to see this major flaw in the success theory that it is all driven by the outside where you do not have control over the results.

You may do the job well , to the best of your ability but whether you get recognized for it and receive praise is a subjective matter. Hence success has very little to do with your direct contribution. On the other hand, if you are more focused at the work at hand and do it with your soul poured into it, we call it Integrity. When you do not try to manipulate the results , it is integrity. When you contribute to society on the basis of Truth, care and sincerity, it is Integrity.

Success can give you a temporary high, but it is Integrity that can grant you a peaceful night’s sleep and the zeal to perform. Success may even suck out the enthusiasm you have, if success has been received by compromising Integrity.

Integrity cannot be compromised

Success can be compromised with, but not Integrity. This shall grant you the ability to be more creative and more reliable as a contributor at the same time make you a role model for society in the long run.

What have you been given importance to? Are you on the look out for only success? What is your idea about sincerity and Integrity? Do you think success will follow integrity? Do you think that by maintaining your integrity you shall fall prey to failures? Do comment and let me know about your views. You can also contact me to share your views.

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