5 Myths about Spiritual Enlightenment

5 Myths about spiritual enlightenment

Spiritual Enlightenment, a Myth?

Well, if you are reading this article, it means you are interested or atleast curious in this line.

However, enlightenment is not a shelf-product for consumption.

Spiritual enlightenment has been the most intriguing of all discussions.

With the word enlightenment come many expectations.

Hence, it becomes essential to filter out pre-conceived notions and understand the actual implication of the term ‘enlightenment’.

So, today we shall cover 6 common myths that people have concerning enlightenment.

Myth 1: Enlightenment is something fancy

People feel that enlightenment appears as a fancy thing, somewhere far off at the horizon.

They spin their own web and trap themselves in another concept though.

Also, they keep hearing “Osho”, “J Krishnamurthy”, “Allan Watts”, “Eckhart Tolle” or read the teachings of master Gurdjieff and a whole lot of people.

But, what is the purpose of such talks?

Are we getting somewhere or just psyching ourselves with the “feel good” factor, or Placebo Effect.

Thus, we continue to trick ourselves through internal dialogues and endless conversations with like-minded friends.

There is nowhere to go…

Well, let me tell you, there is nowhere to go or nowhere to get to.

We can just finish off all that is creating stress within us and try to align our life energies to operate with great zest.

That is all there, to the story.

Myth 2: Enlightenment ends all Problems

I guarantee-

If you are pursuing enlightenment with a goal of Putting an end to Problems, challenges and oppositions, then it would be better to drop the idea of enlightenment.

Enlightenment cannot serve as an escape route out of challenges and problems.

We are constantly tormented by fears, insecurities, uncertainties, the never ending money problems, medical problems, relationship problems and so on.

So, if you think Enlightenment will put an end to all this, you are mistaken.

Problems shall continue to be.

But our perception shall change.

That which appeared big shall seem minuscule.

Enlightenment broadens your vision.

An ant sees a small sugar granule as a mountain in its bound state while an intoxicated elephant shall not even take notice of it.

Similarly, enlightenment makes you see the larger picture of things.

Myth 3: Enlightenment shall dawn Someday

After listening to mystics and some assumedly wise men, people set up enlightenment goals, trying to reach the horizon.

They feel enlightenment shall dawn some day.

However, it keeps distancing itself as they try to clasp it.

People are constantly “trying” to “become” good, moral and a whole lot of things that represents goodness, the genuine and the holy.

All said, people start pushing themselves to the goal of Enlightenment.

But the question is, is there something here and now to consume, rather than wait for it to happen in the far off future?

This is a question that keeps raising its hood time and again and is a great de-motivator to the efforts that people put in.

Pursuance of Enlightenment is a damn good idea.

But it will continue to remain an idea.

If you keep waiting for it to happen, it never will.

Enlightenment can never be a reality that you have imagined it to be.

The present makes the future.

Hence, waiting for enlightenment to dawn someday is a good way of cheating yourself.

Myth 4: Enlightenment is a state of being

All said, Enlightenment is not a state of being.

One simply lives with a great purpose but internally is absolutely purposeless, goal-less and yet does not appear directionless.

Whether you reach any purpose at all is immaterial.

When all journeys have ended and life just continues with electrified enthusiasm, that indicates that Enlightenment as a goal is also falling away.

This is the state to strive for.

Myth 5: Enlightenment is for everyone

Yes, this statement is true but partially.

Enlightenment is definitely every soul’s birth right.

Yet, all cannot qualify to attain this state.

Just as every indian citizen has the right to attempt an IPS examination, yet cannot qualify without passing the preparative papers.

Unless you are totally convinced about the futility of material existence, enlightenment shall remain a far fetched dream.

True seeking is born only at the consummation of the highest struggle possible, not the survival struggle, but the one that questions existence itself.

Only the sincere souls who have seriously questioned the journey of life can take even one step towards this topic.

Myth 6: Enlightenment is only for monks

This is the most stereotype of all thought-processes.

In fact, people imbibe this mentality from peers and society.

Well, enlightenment has nothing to do with social status.

A normal householder can be enlightened as well.

What is spiritual enlightenment in the truest sense?

Enlightenment for me, just means “Lighting up the Environment”.

The path leading to environment has to be a progressively lit path, lit by our eagerness or earnestness.

I say this with whatever experienced I have gained in life, and the realizations dawned through spiritual practice and associating with wise men.

Life can never be rid of problems.

If it were so, then to what end can life serve?

So enlightenment is just about living in the now without any qualms or ruffles.

Every moment of life should be pleasurable and enjoyed to the brim.

One must learn to live in complete cohesion with what is available in and around oneself.

Living life without specific opinions, biases, likes or dislikes and simultaneously having a well-balanced approach is all there is to enlightenment.

When one breaks all dogmatism, conceptions, idealism, and opportunism and yet has no problems with them, one shall have well ended one’s Enlightenment seeking.

This is the highest attainable state.

Thanks for reading!